The Ram Jam TV Show has been away for a little while. I have been dealing with a family emergency for a few months that resulted in my being taken away from my proper duties. Let’s start this blog off with a great band I had the pleasure of inviting in the studio, The Slade Rhythm Band. Led by Boo Jones and consisting of some incredible musicians such as singer/ sax player Jazzy Steve, Guitarist Willie C, Percussionist Mark Pratt,  Base player Larry Carter, Drummer Terry Page and Female vocalist Yonni Soul. The Slade Rhythm Band are a newly formed band from the DMV bringing their brand of GO- GO music to a welcoming audience, belting out covers and original songs that keep the audience grooving throughout their set. It was great having them in the studio and even the film crew managed the get their boogie on while the played.


slade rhytm

I know things have been tough since the Zimmerman trial and I must say I am at a loss for words other than my prayers go out to the Martin family, no parent should have to bury their children and say goodbye too soon.TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1

I just want to say I for one will be glad when things like this will end in our society, when the violence and stereotypes will no longer be an issue so we can stay focused on the things that really matter in life which is to live in harmony and peace.

I love all my Ram Jam fans out there and pray for each and every one of you to be kept safe and blessed.

Until then Keep your heads up and reach for the stars.

Happy Jamming!!


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A few minor changes and and a s/o by Kendra

The RAM Jam TV Show


What up my Ramtourage peeps!  Ok let me just say this one thing, THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOME!! Let me explain.

Last week on Wednesday I was at my day job, (Yea that’s right, I too am trying to come up like the artist we feature) anyway we are renovating a major high school in Washington, DC and we were told Mayor Gray was touring the site Friday morning. Of course all the other workers throughout the entire dusty job site kicked it into gear about two speeds quicker. The general contractors are known to walk around and check on the progress and if necessary jump up in a guy’s a** to get quicker results.  Me being a Audio Visual tech was more worried than the trash detail,concrete workers,plumbers,voice and data techs and drywall installers.


About the only one’s as worried as me were maybe the electricans, but as a AV tech our…

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What up my Ramtourage peeps!  Ok let me just say this one thing, THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOME!! Let me explain.

Last week on Wednesday I was at my day job, (Yea that’s right, I too am trying to come up like the artist we feature) anyway we are renovating a major high school in Washington, DC and we were told Mayor Gray was touring the site Friday morning. Of course all the other workers throughout the entire dusty job site kicked it into gear about two speeds quicker. The general contractors are known to walk around and check on the progress and if necessary jump up in a guy’s a** to get quicker results.  Me being a Audio Visual tech was more worried than the trash detail,concrete workers,plumbers,voice and data techs and drywall installers.


About the only one’s as worried as me were maybe the electricans, but as a AV tech our work was to be on full display.  So we got our butts moving installing ceiling speakers, talk back speakers and call switches while my counterpart was to be installing the smart boards. Well at the end of the day the speakers were up and we were all ready to split when one of the General Contractors  informed us that the smart boards were not all up and the guy who was to install them was going to be out for the next few days. “Uh-oh” I thought to myself as he went on to say that two additional rooms was going to be on display, but me being ever the believer simply told him “No problem”. But there was a problem, we needed two more smart boards on site which we did not and hardware. That day me and two other techs hustled out to our warehouse more than 70 miles away, picked up two more smart boards and made it back to site. By the end of the additional four hours to my work day I came home, ate dinner,kissed the kids and crashed. In the end everything worked out, we installed the smart board and projector and wall switches, the Mayor and my own project managers were impressed with the new renovations to the school and I was able to see my work being apperciated on the news. Not bad for a Friday.


On this blog I have the pleasure of introducing to you the newest members of The Ramturouge, J-Rob of WGIV 103.3 Radio, Lyrical mastermind Celzius and the homie Citi. Let me say this, I love running into people who are not waiting for a big break or lady luck to buy them a drink but who are making their dreams and goals a reality through hard work. J-Rob,Celzius and Citi are three guys doing the thang’.  Not only does J-Rob manage these two very skilled MC’s he is also quite the singer and song writer. J-Rob shares the same vision of throwing the spotlight on the unsigned artist and doing it with class, if you don’t believe me then tune in live stream on WGIV103.3 at 8:pm and check out The Hype Show and you will see how they get down – we had a blast on air with them. Celzius I gotta say is one of the most gifted artist I have met in a long time. What convinced me was his zeal for hip hop as he told us of different colabs’ he has coming up in the near future. Then he sealed the deal by dropping a freestyle live in the VIP and respecting our younger viewers, never spit a curse at us .(Real skills). Citi was not what I expected, at first look at his blue Miami baseball cap with matching blue rimmed glasses of some expensive name I can not say nor write, crowned on top of his dreads like straight out of Swag Magazine I just knew he was the super hype one. In fact Citi was just the opposite, the mello yet confident flow of his freestyle interwove in and out of the track as if things had reversed and the music was inspired to give it’s best to such words that froze , picked up another clever verse, rolled it like dice in a hustlers palm before hitting for the whole pot.  J-Rob clued us on his radio show “The Hype Show” then turned the tables on us and interviewed us, let me say this to any artist I have ever interviewed and felt you could have done better. Forgive me now, I know how you feel. To check out the entire interview with J-Rob and the crew see the full episode on youtube.

To jam click here: http://youtu.be/9rIyjB40e3Q

 Well I am exhausted and need a little rest, so for all my unsigned artist, keep grinding and Ram Jam believes in you.



PS This is Kendra, just wanted to chime in and say we have some truly exciting opportunities and events coming up over the summer months.  We had a brief glitch but promise to bring you awesome new episodes featuring Josh Urban with some behind the scences footage.  Just in time for his upcoming release – keep on jamm’in Josh!  Also I wanted to s/o to the latest additions to our crew, JWash of the DMV and makeup extroidnare Ms. Tracey Medley also of the DMV.  We are excited to have them onboard, as they bring their talents of radio from JWash’s own XM show featured in South Carolina.  Ms. Medley has extensive makeup practice in theater and bridals and now on tv.  She does a really cool monster scar.  And of course we can never forget our ever lovely, Lucy Cox who will also be joining us in the summer (it promises to be a HOT one).  Now let’s see if the three can hold it up in front of the camera -wink-.  Seriously though a great big THANK YOU to Lucy,  JWash and Ms. Tracey.  Welcome aboard.

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in



What’s up my Ram Jammers! This is your boy RJ coming from the mighty DMV and man what a week it has been. Yea I know, I know, I’ve been away for a small bit but I have a good reason. Last week I kicked it with the owner/CEO of Purcell Records Purcell Veney out in the MD. Let me say this, when you hear of a party being thrown by Purcell Records you best to show up! Purcell brought one of the greatest Go-Go band in the DMV to come Jam, Slade Rhythm. Slade Rhythm  came in and did their thing (that is before the PG county Po-Po’s came and busted up the party). No worries cause I got what I needed, good food and great music. Afterwards I had the best time with my family as we just relaxed and watched The Hobbit, by the way I love that film. Slade Rhythm was so good I invited them to come on The Ram Jam TV Show and do their thang’ on live TV. As I gear up for their debut I want to give a shout out to J-Rob at WGIV in Charlotte, North Carolina. We interviewed  J-Rob and it was AWSOME!  J-Rob is full energy and a real pro then he flipped the script and interviewed Kendra and I, now I can tell you I see what our guest go through when they are put on the spot. At the same show we met more artist, grooved to more tunes and ate more than I should have but oh well.  I hope by this time next week The Ram Jam TV Show  will be shakin’ the scene in the ATL and giving you Georgia viewers a taste of the DMV. Remember, if you are an artist with your own music then I think you should not waste another second and holla at me at j40mediagroup@gmail.com and get put on,ten million viewers are waiting for YOU! Until next week, keep jamming!!


toddler gets first-ever stem cell windpipe

Story by Good News Network and Today. Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 1/2 years old, Hannah Warren has never played outside — or been able to breathe, talk, eat or drink on her own.

She was born without a windpipe, a rare congenital condition that kept her hospitalized for her entire life in a neonatal intensive care unit, where a tube from her mouth to her lung kept her alive.

But that all changed earlier this month, when Hannah became the first child in the world to receive a bio-artificial trachea made from stem cells from her own bone marrow in a pioneering operation at Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Great news Hanna, The Ram Jam TV Show supports you.

                                Next week features

Slade Rythm

                                         Jigz Crillz



Hey what’s up my Ram Jammer? this is your boy RJ and man I am ready to do this. I want to take the time to spotlight an incredible artist who is on the steady climb here in the DMV, this artist is named 330.

330 pic

What kind of name is 330 you may ask? well the question you should be asking is what kind of artist is she? 330 is a MC who I have witnessed with my own eyes demolish battle rappers and poets alike. In this era of “Over-night rappers” as by homie Wild Boy Booker of 17 Bangas would say, it’s refreshing to see a lyrical artist true to the craft. 330 AKA Amanda Carter has just dropped her new single called “Faded” and it is HOT!

Click here to JAM!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCBrAalxp5w

I just wrapped up another recording today with my favorite DMV artist

Josh Urban.

Josh Urban always brings energy, skills and talent every time he visits The Ram JamTV Show and we are always grateful for him taking time from is Interactive Rail Tour to grace our stage. On this visit Josh showed us unique guitar he made from a cigar box and other household items, yea I said it “A cigar box”. Let me tell you one thing, a cigar box never sounded sweeter and funkier until Josh started playing it. When he started playing in quickly thought of Muddy Waters or one of the early pioneers of guitar lore, along with a bottle neck slider the sound was brilliant and blues at the same time. I just have one thing to say about his performance today, “Jammin'”.


Erica McElrath calls herself “The Happy Lady.” And by now, you may have caught her singing and dancing with her mp3 player on any of several city street corners.

“I don’t want money,” said McElrath, 40, of St. Louis. “I come out here to make people smile.”

McElrath lost her full-time job in January. Since then, she has spent her days doing what she loves — dancing in the street. Her message to people at a time of economic distress: do something that you enjoy, no matter what your circumstances.

“Life is not that bad,” she said. “If you’re working 40 hours a week, you should not be complaining.”

McElrath graduated from Parkway Central High School and has spent the past 21 years working as a nursing assistant. She began singing and dancing publicly on her days off a few years ago to help her through the pain of her second divorce. (“I was too happy for him,” she says.)

Her favorite spot is the northwest corner of Chouteau Avenue and South Grand Boulevard near St. Louis University. But she says she also draws stares at Jefferson Avenue and Olive Street, North Grand Boulevard and Natural Bridge Avenue, and Southwest Avenue and Kingshighway. She has also danced at intersections in St. Charles and Belleville.

McElrath’s mp3 player is loaded with hundreds of classic rock hits and ’80s pop songs, including those by Joe Cocker, the Eagles, Tina Turner, the Eurythmics, Neil Diamond and Toto. But her favorite artist, by far, is Stevie Nicks.

Videos of McElrath have popped up on YouTube. Her own YouTube channel, “BouncyLady40,” shows a clip of her grooving to the song, “Play That Funky Music.” Her Facebook profile allows people to join the “The Happy Lady Club” and features photos and video clips of her singing and dancing around town.

“People think I’m crazy, but I don’t care,” she said. “I can’t dance a lick. I just be bouncing and going with the music.”

The occasional obscene gesture from a passing motorist doesn’t bother her either.

“I just smile and wave,” she said.

McElrath’s bravado recently earned her a job opportunity with Liberty Tax Service, which tentatively offered her a job as a dancing Statute of Liberty to promote a new location near Grand Center starting in January.

“Just be happy and do what you love,” she said. “The money will come.”

BY JOEL CURRIER • jcurrier@post-dispatch.com | 314-340-8256

 Ok my Ram Jammers, it’s time for the RJ to hit the club with one of the sexiest women I have ever known, my wife. The next time we hook up I will be bringing more videos, more up and coming artist and much more fun. If you would like to appear on the Ram Jam TV Show then send me a link at www.j40mediagroup@gmail.com and I promise I will check it out, until then keep Jammin’ and never give up on you dreams. PEACE!


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     TV SHOW©


Hey what’s good my happy Jammers? This is RJ, executive producer and host of The Ram Jam TV Show. I know it’s been a loooooong time since you’ve heard from us but I promise there is a good reason for the absence. As of today we have expanded our show to two new markets, Maryland and Atlanta. In addition to growing we have also had some extremely hot artist grace our stage and jam for you the viewers.

monroe pic
First up is my boy Monroe from the ATL, Monroe is an R&B singer with that R. Kelly style that has the ladies falling out and buying his music. I first met Monroe when I was being sent on my many trips to the grocery (Thanks Wifey). He was in the community selling his CD to any and everyone who walked by, of course being the music man that I am I bought one and was not disappointed. His music gives you that feel of “This dudes about to be LARGE!” so of course I had to invite him on the show. If you missed the show don’t even trip because I have it here for you to check out for yourselves.

arson pic A few weeks later his brother Arson appeared on the show. Arson is a lyrical master with a Tupac flow, Dougie Fresh style and Diddy business mind. Along with his producer and stage homie Squire JOH they ripped The Ram Jam stage and had us begging for more. I will not blow it when it comes to kicking it with The Ram Jam TV Show fans anymore as you can look forward to getting updates from me weekly from now on. Remember if you are an artist with your own music and you’re getting tired of performing for a few then hit us up and perform for MILLIONS! Until next time Happy Jamming. PEACE!!

The Ram Jam TV Show – Full Episode ft. Arson  Click to jam http://youtu.be/dlUvBZMC21U

 Alright Jammers, I hate to bring this up but I think it is important to all of us. Since North Korea is trippin’ and sending all kinds of threats against the U.S.A and our homie countries that we are down with, I think it is time we prepare ourselves in case a nuclear attack hits home.

The three factors for protecting oneself from radiation and fallout are distance, shielding and time.

  • Distance – the more distance between you and the fallout particles, the better. An underground area such as a home or office building basement offers more protection than the first floor of a building. A floor near the middle of a high-rise may be better, depending on what is nearby at that level on which significant fallout particles would collect. Flat roofs collect fallout particles so the top floor is not a good choice, nor is a floor adjacent to a neighboring flat roof.
  • Shielding – the heavier and denser the materials – thick walls, concrete, bricks, books and earth – between you and the fallout particles, the better.
  • Time – fallout radiation loses its intensity fairly rapidly. In time, you will be able to leave the fallout shelter. Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat to people during the first two weeks, by which time it has declined to about 1 percent of its initial radiation level.

Remember that any protection, however temporary, is better than none at all, and the more shielding, distance and time you can take advantage of, the better.



330 330 pic

  DE’SEAN MACKsean mack pic

          SHEA ROSEshea rose pic


                         ..and much more.


When RAM Jam first began, I mean damn! Everything was new and magnified and just scary. So yes, it took us a while to figure out just what the heck we were doing and though we are still learning we’ve acquired so much. So now that it’s all better…

We’ve been bringing you independent artists worldwide since 2009 and here’s how it happened: There was an artist, Mizzy Mack who had a crew ‘O’ and Sharon aka Wooded Hoods Entertainment, our 1st network.

But 1st there was Zack Barr, Rock Star.

Then there were Drummers, Akoma, lots of drums. Our 1st Drummers

The Passion Reggae Band was all of dat, mon jamm’in hard, out 1st Reggae Band

Coming in at #5 is our 1st Hip-Hop Artist, DeSean Mizzy Mack

Folk is our art when Mascatello was 1st to enter the scene, Dave that is

And finally we can never forget our 1st Rap Jon Jon

Four years later here we are living the dream of network TV, Wooded Hoods has grown into a local powerhouse company having several artists under their label. The DMV’s music scene is now

As we were filming this past episode on Saturday the 19th of January 2013, our 1st R&B performer Monroe, President Barack Obama has been sworn in in an open ceremony for his second term on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and RAM Jam will be picked up on Montgomery County Network Channel 12 and LIVE streamed this Friday at 1:30p. So let’s get out there and win-win-win, if you are serious about your business and your art, now is the time!

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deuts...

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 Countdown

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The artists of RAM Jam



Here we all are moving forward into a new year – 2013. We’re wishing you and yours a happy new year, a happy renewed hope and that you keep striving toward your goal even when you think no one is looking. J. That’s what the family wants for us as well. I want to take this time and encourage all of the artists that we’ve worked with and the ones we have yet to work with. These times are definitely hard enough, but when you do what we do it’s even tougher. There is always room for improvement in us all especially as we set new challenges for ourselves. So as I’m constantly reminding myself, I remind you to keep on going. See where it takes you. When you reach your desired results what can you say of the journey?

Enough of my preaching, I am super-excited about this post, first off being the first one of the year but even more so these incredible artists that we’re introducing and re-introducing. But first we want to leave you with the Top 10 of 2012 Part I. Lucy is back on the scene in this Behind-The-Scene sneak peek at what it takes to produce a television show, warning – we make it look fun! In this episode we countdown our most requested, viewed or talked about videos. Part I highlight artists’ number 10 – 6 plus feature some of the new artists that were played throughout the year. Here’s who has made the Countdown so far:

10. King Myer – Summertime

9. Rune – Between Night and Light

8. Shea Rose – I’m the Sh***!

7. Infinite Hill – Kung Fu

6. 330 – Money


The Good News Segment talks about charitable giving and outlines guidelines as prescribed by unitedway.com for giving to your favorite organization or charity. Think of it as an investment.

Needless to say with all of that energy we are gearing up for some new artists including Monroe who we met recently. Monroe is a hustling, thriving R&B artist from Atlanta but living in the DMV. We ran into Monroe while he was selling his CD on the street! That’s right; you know we LOVE running into artist when they’re doing things. So we copped one www.monroesmonroe.com we are not disappointed and who knows, hopefully we can get him into the studio and you’ll see what we mean. In the meantime click on his link and buy some music.

Look out for more from these artists: De’Sean Mack, 330, Jigz Crillz, 12 Bangas and so much more from the DMV.

Good News

This week I’m going to mix the Good News Segment and A Word from the Coach together to tell you about the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, March 22 – March 24, 2013 with Jillian Micheals, Farnoosh Torabi, Lisa Nichols, Angela Jia Kim. It’s an exciting event held each year, this year we’re happy to have it again here in Virginia at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston just outside of Washington, DC.

The conference is empowering, you meet so many people at various levels in their professional and personal lives and hear from the best. Learning, growing, connecting brings and keeps men and women together in the inspiring two day event. I remember driving to the conference early Sunday morning, the last day of the conference, I watched as car after car pulling into the hotel parking lot there was someone dancing, moving, singing or shaking as they pumped their music. I knew then that I wasn’t the only one so excited and bursting at the seams. I encourage you to join us or check out the many other opportunities with Doreen and industry professionals at www.dorreenrainey.com.


Until next time,


Happy Jamm’in!






The artists of RAM Jam

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while. Hope I didn’t lose any of yawls interest. We took an unofficial hiatus, as we became aware of some things that really made us think, re-group now we’ve come to the realization that our loyalty is in and will be to the unsigned, independent artist. We were offered the opportunity to go big, meaning for us the opportunity to sponsor a signed artist. We were flattered, but at the end of the day, we want to see our artist become signed, if that’s what they want to do. We do ask that after you’ve gone to famedom, poke your head in sometimes, we have no problem with that. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know how it’s going, what’s coming up and as always it’s free. However we have some incredible sponsorship opportunities, there is always ways other than monetary, but money is always good.

We want to leave you from this year as we prepare to move into a new one with this holiday video special edition featuring Tony Craddock, Jr, Mike Marolda, Josh Urban and Maggie Anderson. This is RAM Jam:



What’s RJ got going on in ’13?

If you are already following the show you’ll notice that we’ve gone behind the scenes. I must confess it’s a little trying with the cameras on all the time, but it’s proven an adventure even more so when we went with Lucy behind the scenes. It gives you a taste of the dynamics between her and Martin. Special thanks to Akira, Angelica and Rich or as I like to call them, Raaa, for putting up with us. Our entire crew has been so cool – thanks again guys and gals. Anyway there’ll be more of that coming up as well as some artists’ features that has never been done before by anyone – ever, plus some new videos that we are really excited about.

We are no different from any other video show when it comes to the end of the year. We leave 2012 with your Top 10, who makes the list? Is it One Day to Escape? Did Crilly make it? How about Queen Guttah? Find out on the next episode on Monday at 1:30am and Thursday at 3:30pm. Stay up for our encore presentation on Sunday at 11:30pm – NYC 1:30am, MCM TBD. Stay tuned.


Good News:


This segment highlights the incredible work as always done at The United Way. To us, what is incredible about The United Way is that since its existence in 1887 continues to carry out its mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. In ways through improving education, helping people achieve financial stability and promoting healthy lives. Below is just one example of how you could help yourself and impact the lives of many others, positively:

6 Ways to Support a Cause You Love


Turn your passion for a local fund-raiser, nonprofit organization, or community service project into action. You can support a cause by taking a hands-on approach and working directly with the key advocates behind the cause. Here’s how!


1. Offer to help with the newsletter. Many organizations publish regularly scheduled newsletters to keep their volunteers and supporters abreast of any developments or activities. Use your writing skills to help the group fill these newsletters with interesting, relevant news.


2. Take pictures at events. Help an organization document its public events. These photos are invaluable later, when the organization wants to show what they do via social media, a website, or in the newsletter. But before grabbing your camera, talk to event organizers about confidentiality agreements.


3. Do some grunt work. If your cause has a local office, ask if you can help them tidy up their location so they can keep up a positive appearance. Mowing grass, planting flowers, sweeping floors, and washing windows are a necessity that volunteers can easily tackle with little to no guidance.


4. Speak about the cause. Ask if you can go into the community to advocate the organization’s message. Set up information booths at community fairs or events to spread the message. Be ready to answer basic questions about the cause and pass out informational brochures.


5. Go online. Does the cause near and dear to your heart have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest? If not, offer to create and manage these accounts for the group. This is a great way to reach more potential volunteers and support a cause.


6. Help with events. Every cause has special programming or annual events. Ask the organization if they need help with event promotion, or with setting up and cleaning after the event. Some causes need volunteers to assist during the programming too. Let organizers know you’re willing to take a hands-on approach.

Learn more at www.unitedway.org


A Word from the Coach

I can hardly believe it, when I first spoke with my coach, we outlined a plan that, I’m not going to lie, sounded impossible. My frothy goals ranged everything from homeschooling to selling a house. If my questions weren’t answered, solutions were found and guess what – all goals either fully met or well on their way! And, I might add, most of them better than I thought possible. My girl is good, Doreen I thank God for you.

Here are some things Doreen has coming up:


R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Success Webinar

6 – Week Webinar Course – Starting January 16, 2013

Learn 7 Bold & Courageous Strategies to Get Focused,

Create a Plan, & Take Action to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

If you feel as if you are stuck in a rut, where time flies by with no real progress toward your goals, then let me show you how to turn things around.

I’d like to invite you to learn my 7 step R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Success Coaching Method for setting and achieving goals by attending my upcoming 6-week webinar series beginning January 16th. I’ll be teaching, in-depth, the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. coaching process that lays the foundation to transform your goals to reality and RADICALLY uplevel your life.

Join me and learn the sure-fire way to get focused, create a plan, and move from where you are now (stuck) to where you want to be (thriving)!

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

• How to honestly and objectively examine your life to figure out what’s holding you back.

• How to set an authentic path to take you from where you are now to where you want to go and who you want to be.

• How to leverage your awareness, skills, and abilities to create positive, lasting change.

• How to identify and eliminate the weaknesses that bind you to lack – lack of achievement, success, and meaning – for good.

• How to break through limiting behaviors so that you wholeheartedly believe in you and your desires.

• How to confidently bounce back from setbacks, disappointments, and challenges so that you quickly get back on track and get focused again.

• How to get off the hamster wheel and move toward real and true results.

• How to step out of your comfort zone in a powerful way and take the risks necessary to realize your ultimate goals and dreams.

RADICAL Events Telecourse

4 Week Telecourse – Starting January 22, 2013

How to Plan & Promote Successful Events

The truth is, no matter how easy it may look on the outside, planning and promoting a successful event takes a clear strategy and a complete understanding of the critical elements necessary to get the results you want.

Every host would probably tell that while things looked like smooth sailing on the outside, there was a focused – and sometimes frantic – effort to pull everything together to get their message out about the event, get the seats filled and deliver amazing content to transform the attendees.

I’ve put together this telecourse so I can share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of planning, promoting and delivering powerful content at live events. It’s in mastering these elements that you’ll achieve the level of success you desire from your live events.

In this telecourse, I’ll be sharing:

• My 3 biggest mistakes in planning my events and how you can avoid them.

• The different event models and which one is best for you.

• 5 key questions you must ask yourself in the planning process.

• How to stand out from the crowd and show your event’s value.

• When, why and how to invite other speakers to participate.

• How to manage expenses and generate revenue.

• 3 reasons a sponsor would say “yes” to your proposal.

• 7 marketing strategies to get people in the room.

• Content creation strategies to transform your attendees.


Enroll in Either Course and Receive a General Registration to the 5th Annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference

Wishing you nothing but love, joy and RADICAL success in the coming year!

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients define success for themselves and then get the guts to go after it. Founder of the RADICAL Success Institute, Doreen works with people who are seeking to excel in their professional and personal life by tapping into their purpose and passion.

A sought after speaker and coach, she is known for her practical, straightforward approach to defining and achieving your goals. She has been featured in USA Today Weekend, ABC News, and Sirius/XM Radio. For information on her coaching programs, live events and upcoming seminars, visit her website.


We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Jamming Happy New Year!


Happy Jamm’in!



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Random Acts of MusicThe Mosaic District is an urban retail district featuring top fashion boutiques located just outside of Washington, DC and is all you’ve ever dreamed of in shopping! Inspiring retailers wow you with just enough of the hottest trends in everything from homes to home design. Explore all there is at the Fashion Night Out, an evening of fashion, style and film. From casually window shopping with friends or total closet transformation, they’ve got you covered. The night ends with two showings of “Lucy” at the outdoor theater of Angelika’s Film Center and Café. Accessible from the Dunn Loring Metro Station or parking is effortless and free. Join us!

Fashion Night Out

Mosaic District

2910 District Avenue

Fairfax, VA 22031

Tuesday November 13, 2012 6pm-8pm

Featured Artist: Inna

Genre: Pop

Location: Romania

Website: http://www.inna.ro

Connect:            www.facebook.com/Inna

www.twitter.com #Inna

Congratulations! I’m sad but very happy to say that this is the last time we will be featuring Inna both on the blog and on the show. Inna has just recently been signed to Universal Music Group. We wish Inna a successful career and the best of luck! Remember, you saw her here first. Are you the next one we can gladly bid farewell?

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in