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We love our artists.  Unsigned, independent, on the brink of getting signed or nowhere in the near future.  Just your passion and dedication to music or more importantly, your music is enough for us to open our doors to provide a little of that lights, camera, action we as performers are driven to and so desire.  However regardless of your hopeful bright future, or not, there are a few things that artists must do when entering into our studio: First – There Will Be No Food or Drinks – Even Water inside the studio, period.  You are more than welcomed to enjoy your consumables in the galley, the green room and even in the dressing room.  In the studio, we do ask that you refrain from eating and drinking. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will be asked to promptly remove the item, if the offense continues you will be asked to leave the studio entirely, shoot or not.

Second, Realize the Quality.  Working with a recognized Top Producer means that there is no shortage of materials that he can produce, however being passionate about bringing what you have to the stage and giving you the opportunity to possibly be viewed by a growing viewership of over 1 million through public access television is a win/win situation for all.  We believe that your art deserves a stage at the most reasonably priced venue there is to offer, directly into people’s living rooms!  That being said we ask a few things:

Consideration. We ask that you be considerate of other people’s time and voice your concerns through the proper channels in a mature, professional manner.  Running late is never an issue, we do ask that you let us know.  The best way to get through any shoot is in harmony and open communication.

Let us know.  If you’ve had a good or bad experience with RAM Jam. Didn’t like the way your taping turned out? What did you like about it? What would you do differently? Let us know.

Pack your patience.  Sometimes before a shoot getting the audio just right or the lighting perfect can be a trying experience but with cooperation and a positive attitude, we can get through that too.  Making everybody pretty is the ugly side of show business.

Third, We Welcome Your Feedback. We want your experience at RAM Jam to be one  filled with positive memories and many returns, so if we’ve screwed up in any way, give us a chance to make it right, if not – hey, it’s free.

Well, thank you for visiting our blog and considering these few, simple tips when coming into our studio.  We are here for you, it’s up to all of us to make it a success.

Happy Jamming,

Kendra J

Edited by: Larry Richards