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Green Screen

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Green Screen

Chroma Key

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Finally, this took me so long to research.  It’s hard to believe the detail that goes into making a production look so simple.
Of course, the more you dabble into something, you always come up with something else.  In our state-of-the-art facility we film out of Studio B. That’s the Green Screen room, where all kinds of neat things happen.  With the use of brilliant technology developed within just a few recent years, the makers of Star Wars with the creation of the ‘quad optical printer,’ have honed this technology

Chroma key on green screen and compositing ree...

down to a science.  Green Screen or “Chroma keying” is a technique used for layering two images together.  A color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing images behind. This is a technique commonly used in video production.  When you visit the studio, your performance will take place in front of such stated technology.  Your song could be transferred to people, places or things that compliment your performance. As more and more technology becomes available, our technique and design also improves. Just remember, when you come to perform, only wear green if it’s intentional.  See Jon-Jon’s really cool
performance check out the “G” on his shirt.  Not too bad of a thing. The coolest part about the whole thing is it’s like walking away with your own video.  See you in the Studio!


Every now and then we like to highlight one of our Canadian artists.  Why is this a big deal?  Because Canada got a rap flow that just won’t stop!  Coming from the US, growing up on hip-hop and listening to the wiry sound tuning through the radio before
it became the entity it is today.  We never thought in our youth that people from another country would be able to achieve a sound as bold and raw as our East Coast/West Coast Battlers.  One such rap artist in whom I am referring is Sese (pronounced Sezee).
When we first started our venue about a year ago, we ran into Sese on a Live Twitter stream getting there and then feedback from a popular radio station that had just featured his latest music.  As he held on the phone, the audience called in with their
opinions on whether his music was a Hit or Miss.  The response was overwhelming Sese scored another notch in making
his imprint on the industry as a come-up artist.  He hasn’t stopped; his music just gets more and more intense and fearless as he challenges his craft from well beyond basic to creative culture leaving something new behind.  His latest video that we’ve featured on RAM Jam shows the comedic genius side of this Ontario bred rapper.  Man, I thought Grape Juice was something.

At the top of the feed you probably noticed a Facebook Poll.  I put this out there because I did it!  I survived one month without
the FB.  In return I created this blog among a boatload of other stuff, including better focus.  I encouraging anyone whom by habit is caught up in the Facebook world to either enjoy a brief hiatus or at least cutback daily time spent reading feeds, responding or not.  Just ask yourself, how much time am I spending on Facebook?  I only pick on Facebook because it takes more time.  The hardest part was the first three days, then the last day.  I absolutely could not wait to log back on, oh and how I missed everybody!  But I now feel like I have a better perspective.

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 The same can apply to Twitter or whatever else you can honestly say you spend too much time on and it’s taking away from your productivity.   Image via Wikipedia

Be sure to catch the show next week as we tour further overseas to see how they doing rap. Fierce females take on the battleground as dancehall classics emerge.  We see a softer side of Donaeo and dance Bollywood style.  Can’t wait to see ya!  Until then,

Happy Jamming!

Kendra J

Next Week: It’s That Time Of Year Again

Cover of "It's Halloween (Greenwillow Rea...

Cover of It's Halloween (Greenwillow Read-Alone)

This past week the RAM Jam stage played host to Jon-Jon right out of the DMV.  We like to refer to him as “the mellow side of 2-Pac.”  With this clip from his performance, The Birthday Song delivers.  Everything birthday from feeling good to “it’s all about me,” it’s clear that Jon-Jon wants everybody to have a good time Thanks for repp’in yo city Jon-Jon!  Enjoy.

Other Happs

RAM Jam is gearing up for it’s Halloween episode.  Be sure to tune in for our special featuring Gene the Werewolf, Kyoto Candi and more.  Find out who Kendra or Johnna will show up as.  Come and join us in guessing Name That Flick.

Our Artist on the Rise for this week: King Myer.  Check out his channel on Youtube at and look out for him on the show.  My favorite is Come On Home. What’s yours?

Birthday shout-outs to all the October babies, including our own, Miss Angelica who turned 9 this month.  Angelica is known at the studio for helping out with floor directing and even some behind-the-scenes technical stuff , she simply loves it.  Happy Birthday all.

As we gear up for the holidays it’s imperative to observe all things to keep us and our loved ones safe.  Here are some tips worth considering:

– When choosing holiday decorations, safety experts recommend using plug-in or battery-powered lights instead of using a live candle for jack-o-laterns.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges consumers to make safety a factor in holiday decorating. Whether it is careful candle placement or checking the warning label on the holiday lights, simple safety steps can go a long way in preventing fires and injuries this year.  For more tips check out their website at or shares year-round safety tips to make sure your holiday is fun and many positive memories to come.

– suggest the best time to take children trick-or-treating is before 9pm.  Some other tips to consider:

  •          Have each child carry or wear something lit;
  •          Feed your kids a healthy meal prior to going trick or treat;
  •          Pick up objects in the yard, sidewalk, or driveway that could create safety issues

–  The NTSB and are a wealth of information on travel safety whether you’re taking a road trip or need the latest airport delays and cancellations.  In addition consider traveling during daylight hours, get plenty of rest before your trip and if you are driving pack your gadgets, batteries and other goods in case of emergencies.

– Prevent food-borne illnesses and food contamination by handling food with care, storing food as quickly as possible and assuring food is not undercooked.  For great holiday restaurant and recipe ideas check out my fav food blog Johnna Knows Good Food at

– Celebrate responsibly. Designate a driver, don’t drink and drive.  If you find you’ve had a little too much and you’re on your own,  check with your local taxi company they will usually have a program that will supply rides to get you home safely.

RAM Jam is everything music and fashion so here we forget the old adage: never buy women shoes, they will walk out on you or never buy a man a watch, he won’t have time for you.  In fact, women love shoes!  Especially if they’re a gift from the man in her life.  To me, nothing says fashion like a man who can pair up a woman who can translate her walk, her swag and her booty with style – very classy.  From a boot to a stiletto, the man usually knows.

For the fellas, when choosing the right watch no enduring classic will ever rest on plastic. Cheap  isn’t really about the price you’re paying — it’s about the aesthetics you get in return.  Every man should wear his watch on a steel or leather band.  Read more:

That’s a wrap for now.  Thanks for visiting our blog and thank you again to Jon-Jon for coming out and doing an awesome job.  Until next time…

Happy Jammin

Kendra J

Next week: Green Screen

Information and Lokixximo

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Before I get started with the various things I do in a day, cooking, cleaning, planning, etc, I have got to tell you all about this past weekend.  Incredible!  No other way to describe it.  We found some new videos we’re gearing up to feature in the coming weeks.  Look out for Artist on the Rise – Lokixximo, kid don’t play, with lyrics that will get you moving and a beat that confirms it, check out  Otro Jumo  As always we have new stuff from our favorites Littles the General, Scoresese and JigzCrillz with When We Roll Up.  Keeping with our name, we took it random and went to the UK and Italy, Yolanda B Cool has this sound that’s fitting only to the livest dance clubs, We Speak No Americano as it hints to be reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, it’s something about the underlying tempo that resonates dance, hard.  Unexpected, but brilliant. Check it out  Coming into Studio B next week is Jon Jon Yang, intense flow but very relatable.  Don’t forget to look for all of them on Ch. 10 in Fairfax and Ch. 4 in Manhattan.

A little more information to share: if you’re an artist and you think your stuff is just as tight as Lokixximo and you’re not afraid of the stage, let us know.  Hit us up at  We can feature unsigned and independent labels, videos, interviews and live performances. Or if you’re a fan and have found your favorite let us know, but more importantly, check out the artist’s website, support them.  Finally, we are in need of sponsors of two types, money is always good and for support of our growing network, if you or someone you know lives in Baltimore County, MD and Pennsylvania.  We are looking for residents who are willing to help us bicycle the show to their public access station.  We cover all costs.  For the most part here’s how it works:  You tune into your public access station, if RAM Jam is something you want to see – a sneak peek at new artists before they become large – join your local station, contact us and we’ll take it from there.  We promise no hassle.

Well, time to get started, but remember, self-first (for me that means mani/pedi, ahh).  Thanks for stopping by and as always,

Happy Jamming!

Kendra J