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Dim Dudez

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love my job!  We recently found out about Dim Dudez in the DMV.  Don’t know too much about the duo except smooth, clever lyrics, clear and concise delivery, Quest Da Shoshin may well have a shot at this.  Look for their upcoming feature on the show First Flight Out. You can also find them at and on Twitter @QDS13.  Quest

We were first introduced to Dim Dudez through 330_ Music and what can I say about this artist? Wow.  Nice flow, good spit.  Fellas watch out!  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself You can also find her on Twitter @330_music.

Protect yourself!

When starting out, it’s always important to remember to protect your music.  Copy writing can be tricky if the rules are not properly understood.  We highly recommend contacting an entertainment lawyer to find out your rights to your music.  Make sure no one is able to take it away from you and profit from it.  Organizations like ASCAP and BMI help their members in many ways, including the possibility of royalties to you from where your music is being played.  If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to contact them about becoming a member.

Music and Lyrics

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It’s That Time of Year Again

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Right now we are putting a lot of consideration and thought into homeschooling.  As I gather a wealth of information, I can’t help but to notice the calendars.  In my research there are a multitude of dynamics that families base their decisions on, so you can find literally every organization, purpose, group, cause, need, etc created for the particular use of homeschools.  I’ve run across Christian-based, Muslim-based, Catholic-based, Atheist-based and even Heathen-based.  But one fact that stands out are the calendars.  Loaded with everything from playdates to all out driving school dates for teens, in the November/December time frame the activities slow down to almost a complete crawl.  That leads me to believe that everyone is gearing up for something.

As America teaches and embraces tolerance, a great way of understanding is through foods, music and celebrations.  Beginning as early as September the season can begin, happiness, reflection and good cheer.  Celebrating sacrifices made on our behalf.  To name some would exclude others, but for example:

Eid Adha – Celebration of Slaughter

Hajj- Pilgrimage to Mecca

Halloween – All Hallow’s Eve

Christmas – Birth of Jesus

Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement

Hanukkah – Festival of Lights

Peseach – Passover

Dawali – Festival of Lights or Ashok Vijayadashami (Bhuddist)

The titles or meanings cannot express the joy, hope and coming together for these gatherings.  Forgiveness, new beginnings and a new perspective allows time for setting goals and acknowledging achievements and a time to gear up for new challenges.  As we teach our kids what is important to us, it’s also important to remember places like Mauritius and Madagascar and how so many people of every single background can live on an island and respect cultures, religions and beliefs, have the lowest rate of civil war ever.  Mauritius who has never had a war rank second only to Sweden in air-quality.  That says a lot about the little eclectic island.  My question: Is it possible for an America as diverse as ours achieve success on this scale?  The more we teach, the more we learn, the more we appreciate.  Happy Holidays!

Homeschooling is also a great way to be introduced to music, it affords a curriculum that can spend more time than average in carrying out a career in mathematics, literature, music or whatever the focus.  Here are an exceptional few who has proven so: Dakota Fanning, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Love-Hewitt and some incredible teens like Josh Layne, Alyssa Buecker and Jena Malone, all can be found on

 Champain Era

Our opening theme is the genius of the one and only Champain Era We chose this opening as it speaks to us, as it does many.  Consider the lyrics: “Some take lemons and lemonade, some take grapes and make champagne…” I love it when people can not only overcome their difficulties, but can make it work for them.  When the impossible becomes possible.  That’s us! It’s artists – an artist has to be dedicated to their art whether they are paid or not.  The more people who know about you, the quicker you are to reaching the goal of a big payday.  That is the same way with RAM Jam, so artists, if you like what you see, work to get us out there the same way we do to get you get you seen and heard.  Tell a friend!  Tune in on Sundays at 11:30pm; Mondays at 1:30am for new episodes and primetime on Thursdays at 3:30pm.  We love feedback, leave your comments at 571-749-1100 ext 3.  In the words of Mr. Era, Cheers!

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