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As inspiration to Lisa Raye’s genius,  Business 2 Business Tune It Up Tuesday #B2B #TuneItUpTuesday, we are taking this opportunity to extend to our artists the opportunity to network and let themselves be heard.  I ran across Lisa’s effort on Twitter and was amazed at how she is positively impacting the small business.  So each Tuesday be on the lookout, if you are an artist, or know one, you could very well be featured in the spotlight!

With that being said, it brings us great pleasure to bring to you NU-TREN!

Nu-Tren performing in front of the Green Screen at RAM Jam Studios

Back in September 2011, Nu-Tren came and graced our stage.  A dynamic group in the make, tearing up nightclubs throughout Baltimore and the East Coast, Nu-Tren is definitely a force to reckon with.


Nu-Tren is definitely a force to reckon with.


Check out their HOT performance on the show:



Superstars Mike Royal, Em-Star, DNash and RM do it like no other with underground hits like Extra A**, DTF and We’re Hot and Ur Not.

Kendra, your host, Mike Royal, Em-Star, RM and the incomparable DNash


Thanks for coming out and jamming with us Nu-Tren, keep up the FANtastic work!

Here’s some contact info for Nu-Tren:

Record Label
1FAM Music
Baltimore’s very own up and coming music sensation
Current Location
Baltimore, MD
General Manager
Monty Marsh-President; Chris Surrency-Operations Manager; Zi’na Humphries-Event Coordinator
Press Contact
Zi’na Humphries 240-271-6472
Booking Agent
Zi’na Humphries 240-271-6472

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This is RAM Jam.

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Happy Jamming



Life Is Too Short

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My legend, my pop-icon is no longer among us.  So suddenly and unexpected we clinch onto each breath we breathe, each loved one within eye contact range and everyone who is not near enough to hug – to become “una-brasa.”  Three decades the Queen reign from discovery her star still shines bright.  Thank you for your contributions, Ms. Houston!  So relatable of what we knew of you.  So very real, that’s why this is so hard to accept.  It’s one of those things where I’m paralyzed from the inside.  The question briefly comes to mind, why should I care?  But I agree with my niece when she says how the 80s was plagued with racism and that the black artists did not receive their due.  Yes, that was the case well before the 80s, but it was not seen as boldly in the media, in part due to the cropping up of, dare I say, MTV and the award shows.

Powerful Whitney broke those barriers with a voice of angelic talent that will never be duplicated.  Sourced from, grown from, inspired by, but never duplicated.  I feel like a sister in mourning, there’s no quick fix but to be the best we can be and dwell in compassionate care.

RIP dear Whitney and may the stars be more creative than Twitter in expressing their respectful condolences.  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!


The RAM Jam TV Show

Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

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Ok no matter how much I don’t want to admit it, we are in the music business.  That being said, if you have a platform like this I believe there is a responsibility to share and (at times) defend the industry.

Letter to Super Bowl XLVI Entertainment Organizers:

Lest we forget, music is an art.


I am writing to you today about the entertainment at Super Bowl XLVI, not to overlook prior big games.  It is understandable that in best taste and best interest certain regulations be closely followed and respected.  However, I admire the way you have taken control of the outrageousness of the acts.  That being said…WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE THINKING?!   Madonna is hot.  Fine, we get it, don’t think it was the best choice, but fine.  What do I remember about Madonna’s performance?  NOTHING.  What do I remember about the performance?  An artist trying to be remembered…

What could you expect?


An 80’s Fan

Welcome Back!  Happy New Year and all that great stuff, we are very excited to be back, officially kicking-off our SECOND SEASON.  Wow! It’s hard to believe we got through our first year of taping, with a little award too, might I add.  We learned a lot in our first year and the advice we have grown to give up- and -coming FPA producers is to keep doing it!  It may sometimes feel like…why?  But in the end there’s nothing like the reward of accomplishment.  You’ll never know who you may influence in some major way if you don’t keep on achieving.


soultrain (Photo credit: Pants Pants)

To Segway to exactly what I mean take recently deceased, music icon, Don Cornelius.  Where would black entertainment be without the spotlight of Soul Train?  What if he had given up and said, “Nobody’s ever going to sponsor or watch a black television program.”  Even with the bias that was prevalent in television especially in the late 1960s and early 70s, African-American music was not getting its share of the marketplace.  The 80s ushered in MTV and as cool as it was, it still did not feature many African-American artists.  Soul Train was peace and love, a chance to share the stage with singers and dancers alike.  Parlaying music into moveable art, creating the characters we saw ourselves as we celebrated the culture of America.  You may disagree, but the Asian lady with the real long hair always comes to mind.  Of course, you can’t forget the brother who always danced with her but constantly checked out the other ladies who were bussin’ their own moves.  No, there will never be another Soul Train or Don Cornelius but RAM Jam says, let’s let the legend live and borrow what we can from this nostalgic time in a lot of our lives and make it better.  Crediting our own show’s idea platform with Soul Train and MTV, RAM Jam’s purpose to give serious independent artists a cable-produced television show to showcase their music, make their voices heard and opens up opportunities to sell their products and gain more fans.   I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it, I am thankful for Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson and the one and only Don Cornelius, if you take nothing else from the article, always take these words of wisdom “… and you can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey! I’m Don Cornelius, and as always in parting…

we wish you love, peace and soul!”

What’s Happening Now

We have a surprise for you, our Director/Producer RJ has been hosting our Top 20 Countdown from the best, and most requested videos shown in 2011.  Over a three-week period, you will see videos that made the favorites list of some of our most discriminating viewers.  This is in an all-out effort to craft a new, fresh look for the show.  We are considering many wardrobe changes and new look.  Stay tuned for the voting and don’t forget to cast your vote for the show’s new look. Hmmm…

English: Rainy Davis - Soul Train / Don Cornelius

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Thanks for dropping in and see you next week!

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