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The Akoma Drummers

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Giving every opportunity for artist featured on The RAM Jam TV Show the chance to network with Lisa Raye’s genius #B2BTuneItUpTuesday, this week The Akoma Drummers from Washington DC.

The AKOMA DRUMMERS formed in the spring of 2010 when Kristen and Kweku brought their best drummer friends and students together for a weekly jam. The Akoma Drummers proudly study and present music of the African diaspora – the origin of all people and all music – ranging from traditional West African to funk and DC’s own Go-Go. The group plays djembe, kpanlogo, conga and dun-un drums with dancing …and songs. AKOMA describes the Adinkra symbol that represents the heart. Adinkra is a symbolic language of West Africa, and the heart represents patience and tolerance. When they appeared on the show we were a bit nervous because they were our second live act and we wanted to do a great job, needless to say the performance went off without a hitch and the results were awsome! I must say I never knew drumming could keep you in such great shape, all the drummers had those Michelle Obama arms and flat bellies. LOL!

We are now introducing new videos for the 2012 season and I have to tell you they are all top notch artist that are rising to super stardom. With new videos by JRDN, Mayhem Morearty, new comer R&B singer Kyla and The New Money Twinz plus I can’t forget my homies “Main Girl”. If you are not familiar with these artist you need to check em’ out and be up on the newest music.

I want to give a shout out to all of our new follower’s on Twitter and Face book and everyone who was down from the beginning, stick with us and see some amazing things coming down the pipe in the very near future.

Photograph of recording artist JRDN

Photograph of recording artist JRDN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s all I have for this week as I prepare to go on a three day conference that will be here in the DMV. Suze Orman, Jillian Michales  and many more will be in attendance and had better believe RAM Jam will be all ears and camera’s blazing (I will post Pics afterwards). By the  way “Flight Of The Monarchs”, my first published book is available on Kindle and is selling like hotcakes, be sure to pick it up and share it with your loved ones.  Until next week stay safe, be blessed and

Happy Jamming!


RAM Jam’s prayers go out to Trayvon Martin’s family


The Rave Review

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Giving every opportunity for artist featured on The RAM Jam TV Show the chance to network with Lisa Raye’s genius #B2BTuneItUpTuesday, this week The Rave Review from York, Pa.

The Rave Review, what can I say? These guys really rock! Their style is progressive but hard hitting enough to make the radio station next door ask us to turn it down a notch as they ripped through three great jams, it was a blast. Band members Mat Hansard, Dana Blevins and Andy Branch have known each other since they were in grade school and all shared a passion for great bands and making their own music. That love followed them into adulthood and set them on their path to forming The Rave Review. Polishing their skills in some of the roughest bars in Pennsylvania, DC and Northern Virginia people began to take notice bringing them a strong fan base and more gigs. When they came to the studio we were very excited and ready to shoot but technical difficulties tried to slow us up but in the end we recorded three incredible performances by them that left the entire studio wanting more.

Feel This Way


We had the extreme pleasure of conducting an interview with Sharon Ruben, creator of The Lollipop Listening Therapy auditory program. For those who may not be familiar with the system it is a widely popular therapy for people on the Autism Spectrum. The subject listens to different tones, pitches and patterns of a Mozart recording; it rewires the subject’s brain for speech and other areas of difficulty. Imagine when we are in the womb and our mother reads or speaks to us and others, we hear different frequencies through the vibration of sound from her skeletal frame to us. This is how our brains become wired for speech and other necessary functions. The Lollipop Therapy system simulates this process through the stages of being in the womb to birth. To prove her system works she points to her own daughter Ashley who herself recovered from Autism using a similar system.  Sharon points out that this is not a cure all for Autism but hundreds of others have had improved success with it enough to believe that it should be explored by people with loved ones on the spectrum. If you want to see the interview we will be posting it in April for Autism Month.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Flight of The Monarchs then shame on you! (Just kidding). I have been reading it at a few libraries to young kids and they really love the story and characters and it has been a great joy for me as well. We are working on an animated commercial to promote it more and grab a reader or two.

Well I have to get going but don’t worry for I shall return and when I do I will be giving you the scoop on three hot artists who will be featured on your flat screens greatest dance mix, RAM Jam!

Happy Jamming!

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Star Wars

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Giving every opportunity for artists featured on The RAM Jam TV Show the opportunity to network with Lisa Raye‘s genius  #B2BTuneItUpTuesday!  This week TEMPO Crank out of Largo, MD.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with these true professionals when they came to tour our studios last year.  Serious, honest and fun T.E.M.P.O. Crank boasts a truly unique sound second to none.





is how this seven member urban force describe themselves through their acronym TEMPO.

In the DMV a popular form of music that mixes Guitar, Percussion, Keyboard and Vocals has become known as GO-GO Music dating back to the early 70s.  Engineers like Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, Pleasure Band and Show, Rare Essence, just to name a few honed this music and it still remains strong and relevant today.  TEMPO Crank has now joined the ranks and keeps the movement going by offering Alternative GO-GO, which brings Pop Music into the mix.  The result: An awesome sound!  But don’t take my word for it:

TEMPO performing at The RAM Jam TV Show

Thanks for stopping by TEMPO Crank and doing your thing!

To keep up with TEMPO Crank LIKE them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and speak with their manager Charles Sanders about booking the first GO-GO Band to perform a live concert at Starbucks Coffee Shop!

Check out their new release Disrespected Crank available now.

RAM Jam credits ReverbNation for information in this article.


We’re gearing up for Autism Awareness Month and are looking forward to sporting our color blue in support.  I cannot wait to share with you the interview we conducted this past weekend with Sharon Ruben, creator of Lollipop Listening Therapy.  There’s great information, an incredible life story she shares about the way their family combatted Autism and witness an amazing transformation!  Stay tuned.

Speaking of transformation, I wanted to mention something that we are also very excited about, coming to the DC area March 30th to April 1st is the Womens Get Radical Conference with Doreen Rainey and a host of professional women to conversate, consult and call to action women all over the world to get radical about living the lives they are meant to live.  Register today at!

If you want the opportunity to network, perform or enjoy free exposure and all the support you as an artist can handle, send us an email at

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Writing about this next spotlight feature I do with great passion.  Passion Reggae Band visited our studio to be among the first to take our audio skills to challenge.  However the performance turned out to be one of the most electrifying.  To this day they still perform at venues nightly throughout the DMV.  Check out their website at for dates and locations.

Babylon is Falling

The definition of world music is made apparent in the quad bringing backgrounds of African and West Indian to America, blending sounds both harmonious and uplifting.

Passion Reggae Band has opened for musical greats such as Bunny Wailer, Steele Pulse, Berris Hammond, Marcia Griffith, Anthony B., Freddie McGregor, and Alpha Blondy – just to name a few. The group has also performed extensively with Kango’s eldest brother Ajamu, one of the Caribbean’s top Calypso and Soca entertainers.

Passion Reggae Band

Check out their performance at the studio in chroma-key:

Thank you with all of our heart Passion Reggae Band, way to let the culture spread!


Lately you’ve seen me tweet out quite a lot about Autism Boot Camp presented by Sound Therapy Systems.  This ground-breaking system is a therapy that can be done from home with the participation of every single family member.  It’s fun and so easy to do, dare I say I feel a little smarter just by listening to the demo.  Creator and Mother Sharon Ruben formed Lollipop Listening Therapy a program that trains the ears and brain to perceive sound better by exercising the middle ear muscles to make them stronger so they are better filters of sound.   Just like working out your muscles at the gym.  Find out more at and discover how her daughter Ashley made a full recovery from Autism and how awesome she’s doing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help someone you know with autism.

Sharon Ruben is a mom, turned advocate for her daughter, turned author, turned entrepreneur. She found a way out of autism for her daughter, Ashley, taking her back to the earliest phase of listening in the womb. Using her mother’s filtered voice and modulated MOZART, known as listening therapy, Ashley’s ears were re-trained to process sound better and “listen” better. Ashley was awakened and reconnected to language, communication, her family and the world around her. Previously diagnosed at 21 months, Ashley recovered at 4 years old and was removed from the autism spectrum! The only label Ashley wears now is the one in her clothes!

Sharon turned her experiences and Ashley’s journey to recovery into an award-winning book,

“Awakening Ashley: Mozart Knocks Autism on its Ear”. She founded her own company, Sound Therapy Systems and developed a revolutionary auditory training program called Lollipop Listening Therapy® to help children with autism and developmental delays improve their language and communication, socialization, sensory integration dysfunction and auditory processing disorder.

Now Sharon is bringing together some of the

BEST, BRIGHTEST & CREATIVE experts in the field of Autism and developmental delays to help parents rise above this disorder. Some were on her personal therapy team for her daughter Ashley a decade ago on her journey to recovery. These professional are coming together in one place to bring you high content and valuable information. YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS STUFF!! BE PRESENT AND BE PROACTIVE! Join us for the first annual:

Presented by:

Sound Therapy Systems, LLC

April 20-21, 2012

Washington, D.C.

2 days of Learning, Listening, Laughter and Leisure

You will be inspired, educated and motivated by these professionals as we guide you down your path going forward. You will come away from this Boot Camp not only with a wealth of information and real tools and strategies that you can use with your child, but a rolodex of professionals ready to help you and your child rise above this disorder.

Who Should Attend:

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Therapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Pediatricians, School Administrators, Principals, Special Educators, Recent Grads or anyone who treats children with Special Needs.

“It takes a village” to help a child with special needs…

Get all of the details and register at

Hey, have you gotten your copy of Flight of the Monarchs?  Share the joy of reading with a child today. It’s my first published Children’s Book.  It examines bullying, deals with soliders leaving their families to fight a war far away and growing up as a child in entertainment all while enjoying the nature of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

Get ready for LIVE HD Coming 2013

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