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D’Sean Mack

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D’Sean Mack

Location: DMV (Northern Virginia)

Genre: Hip Hop

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D’Sean Mack affectionately and uniquely named “Mizzy Mac” is one of the original artists who has been with us from the very beginning. During the time where the good majority of us did not know neither hyde nor hair of what we were doing. Mack was there to lay it down via track, crazy joke or on-time lyric. He kept the studio live and light-hearted as we managed through chroma-key and set design. The real fun came when Sean released his first full-length CD 100 Gang. That was where we first heard the term (Hundred Gang). Mizzy’s lyrics are a hard-hitting, storytelling prose transforming listeners to only hope not to find themselves fallen victim to the wiles of 100 Gang. According to Sean, 100 Gang is representative of anyone who is making the hard choices of staying true to their work and themselves while pushing ahead for their breakthrough. Mizzy Mack continues to churn out local hit after hit and he just keeps getting better. Find D’Sean Mack and his management team Wooded Hood Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to shout out to his dedicated team #100Gang!

Keep it up D’Sean, we’re gunn’in for you!


It’s often difficult not to rename this segment Great News! People are coming together every day to eradicate disorders like Autism and Celiac Disease. This past weekend we had the extreme pleasure of documenting a ground-breaking session that bought professionals and parents together to share a discussion on what they have been doing with proven results to make living with the disorder more manageable if not overcoming the symptoms altogether. Sharon Rubin, organizer and creator of Lollipop Listening Therapy had doctors, specialists and nutritionist share everything from diet and exercise to latest medications and recipes. David Geslak, Autism Fitness Specialist and Founder of Exercise Connection enlightened us on the special physical needs of children on the spectrum. Jules Dowler Shepard inspired us with wonderful traditional GFCF foods from her delicious cookbook –”Free For All Cooking” (imagine – POPTARTS).  I cannot fathom not mentioning the beautiful artwork by Kali Barry, truly wearable art I’m hoping to feature some of her pieces on the show. 

We also spent an eye-opening evening with host Dave at Vintage 51 in Chantilly, VA. It’s eye-opening because it further highlights the fierce local talent available throughout the DMV. Looking forward to airing that episode! A huge THANK YOU to all the bands who showed up regardless of us being threatened to get rained-out and thanks again to Dave for being a gracious and understanding host. See you soon in Reston!

RAM Jam, through its parent company J 40 Media Group is ready to expand our market from VA and NY to DC in the spring of this year. We have great opportunity to further our market but only one thing is going to make that happen – sponsors! Email us to find out how you can help keep the Indie scene alive through sponsorship. We do not charge any artist any amount to be on or a part of our show so any amount large or small can secure you a chance to volunteer on our set, spotlight a certain artist or be mentioned on one of our broadcast. There’s plenty of fun to go around!

Last but not least I have blogged in the past about the Radical Women’s Conference Coach Doreen Rainey. Today I would like to present a segment that I like to call…

 A Word from the Coach

Is Your Mic Hot?

By: Doreen Rainey

As we attend various events – workshops, conferences, church services or school programs – I’m sure we have all experienced this at some point: Someone is talking – not realizing their mic is “hot”.

They have no idea that the on/off button is “on” and everything they are saying can be heard by those in the audience. It’s happened to celebrities, politicians, and business leaders – some with very uncomfortable and embarrassing results. Well, it happened to me at the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference a couple of weeks ago.

I had just left the stage on Day 3 – having introduced Lisa Nichols (who gave an INCREDIBLE keynote on stepping out of mediocrity and into excellence) – and was making my way to another area of the hotel. As I walked with a few volunteers, I had no idea the sound team had not muted my mic. Anything and everything I said could be heard by all the attendees in the main ballroom.

What I didn’t know at the time was that there people texting me and trying to get to me to let me know I could be heard. They were also trying to get the attention of the sound crew, wondering when they would figure out where the extra noise was coming from.

And what did the attendees hear from me? Nothing. Just a few “hellos” and “thank yous” before the sound team realized it and cut me off. Everyone seemed relieved that I didn’t say something that I would regret.

That incident got me thinking about how sometimes people act one way “on stage” – which can be symbolic for being at work, around family, with friends or in the community – and then act another way when they are “off stage” (when they believe no one can see or hear them).

The question then becomes: what would people hear (and think about you) if your mic was “hot” when you were “off stage” and you didn’t know it?

Would they hear nothing out of the ordinary? Or would they be appalled at the person you really are? What would people discover about you, if, when you didn’t know it, your mic was “hot”?

• Do you smile and compliment friends and family to their face and then talk negatively about them behind their back?

• Do you bad mouth your company and your boss, but act like the model employee in front of them?

• Do you love and dote on your children in public, then demean them in private?

• Do you offer support to leaders of organizations you belong to and then work behind the scenes to undermine their efforts?

• Do you treat your significant other with respect and adoration at family and social events and then ignore them when you’re at home?

I believe one of the best ways to ensure that we don’t have any potential uncomfortable and embarrassing moments is to always act and behave as if our mic is “hot”.


“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

© 2012 Doreen Rainey

Question to readers and viewers:

We’ve just taped and aired our first “Kids of RAM Jam Kidz Jam.” Though we’ve cleaned it up a bit, given the nature of some of the videos we show do you feel it’s appropriate to have children (ages from 9 – 15) host? Why or why not?

Hit us up at for anything you want to know. Thanks for spending time with us!

 Happy Jamm’in!


It gives me great pleasure to write about this next post – hosts!  This past weekend we decided to try something new and fresh, we added kids to our platform.  These weren’t just ordinary kids, these were incredible kids, not only do they perform well in school, they are enthusiastic, motivated, happy and willing volunteers.  There’s nothing we love more than to expose children to the behind-the-scenes view of TV and radio production.

Mark Schulze, Videographer and Director of Pho...

Mark Schulze, Videographer and Director of Photography, Crystal Pyramid Productions, Videotapes Juan Vargas for a Political Television Commercial in San Diego. Photograph by Patty Mooney, San Diego, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This leads me to remembering and expressing gratitude to our host who has been with us from the beginning and we have had a stellar year with.  Ms. Johnna Rowe.   Richard met Johnna at the station when we first embarked on this journey through the wonderful world of television production.  Right from the start she was talented and pretty and passed our strenuous test which requires you to be a member of a public access station (that’s all really).  But seriously, Johnna was a gracious host, who would freely offer tips and advice to nerved-up guests, join the festivities or would eloquently deliver an episode on time.  We had a lot of fun working with Johnna on several projects, most of the time we nailed it, other times it was better to forgive and forget.  So a big THANK YOU to Johnna Rowe who was there through our trial and error and has always encouraged and never looked at us like we were out of our minds.

Johnna is a premiere food blogger here in the DMV, you can catch her at Johnna Knows Good Food and her television specials by the same name.  Keep up the tasty work Johnna!


April is Autism Awareness Month be on the lookout for our special all month long, interview with Sharon Rubin creator of Lollipop Listening Therapy and mother whose daughter is fully recovered from ASD.  RAM Jam TV Show lights it up blue!

April is also organ donation month; we will be featuring a new PSA from Laila Ali promoting kidney health.  Watch for it!

RAM Jam is excited to feature new artists and videos.  Be on the lookout for Pfeva, hard core Rock and Hip-Hop combined – this music is addictive!  Superstar Inna out of Romania has new videos that turn up the heat on this already hot artist and finally Luu-Breeze who should be making it state-side soon is holding his own with his new video Holla-Luuie.  Holla at us Luuie when you land!

"Your flatscreens greatest dancemix" 

Y’all stay tuned as RAM Jam turns it up a notch with brand new opportunities coming your way.  Remember if you or you know of an artist with original music and you feel that they are good enough to be featured on our show, let us know.  Send us an email at

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in!

Inna at Sopot International Song Festival, Pol...

Inna at Sopot International Song Festival, Poland (8 August 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week instead of featuring one of our beloved artists, we decided to blog about the conference that I spent the last three months preparing for and was very excited to participate in.

This past weekend was the 4th Annual Radical Womens Conference held in Reston, Virginia at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Reston.  It was a weekend of power, freedom, expression, connection, healing and a moving forward.  Breakout sessions were hosted by some of the best coaches this industry has to offer and the speakers were proven self-made moguls which included Suze Orman, Ali Brown, Jillian Michaels, Lisa Nichols, Beth Caldwell and the chieftan herself Doreen Rainey.  Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter creator played host to a beautiful breakfast.  These ladies took you right where you were, embraced you, uplifted you and inspired you. Doreen Rainey is a Success Coach focusing on Personal and Business growth and is the founder of the Radical Success Institute.

The event kicked off on Friday afternoon which I understand was quite the celebration.  I however became too “nerved up” to attend after a series of unfortunate events took place that left me questioning my entire purpose.  The inward dialogue that took place made my stomach turn flips, this made me think I was going to be sick

Suze Orman addressing a Senate Committee.

Suze Orman addressing a Senate Committee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

at any minute.  After struggling with this for a while I decided to put on my pjs, have a bowl of soup and call it a night.  Next morning very early still feeling queasy, I pressed forward managing even a quick workout.  Arriving at the event just shy of 7:30am I walk into the lobby of the hotel completely unprepared for what happens next.  SISTERS – black, white, Asian, Latina, from all over the world!  Strong, united, dressed to the nines all flashing the brightest smiles and some of the largest bank accounts I’ve been that close to.  There were women achieving the dreams that can come true only in America.  The vendors must have been hand-picked, they were all professional and offered everything a woman could want.

Day one with breakout sessions were informative, entertaining and insightful.  The Speakers were real, honest and touchable, they made themselves available to all of the ladies and “poured into” anyone thirsty for knowledge.  Day two or techinically three was just as dynamic with Lisa Nichols stopping by and sharing with us  experience from a lady flying in from Jamaica and prior to that Africa.  A woman well-traveled indeed and I can’t help but to put out, is indicative of her life’s journey starting out in Compton.  She has touched my life and left an indelible mark – Thank you, Black Butterfly.

This brings me to my close a big THANK YOU to Doreen for showing me, me.  This conference has turned my world upside down, I mean has seriously shook me up!  I’m more busy now than I have ever been, everything is a blur as I race to put plan into action.  My butt is kicked every morning when I open my eyes before sunrise and create my To Do List.  In the course of planning and in between action I listen to the Radical CD.  Can you say MOTIVATED?  I am forever changed and am looking forward to one-on-one sessions (butt-kicking). group sessions (more butt-kicking) and next year’s conference, then maybe I’ll be able to relax a little bit.  One thing that I did miss out on was the Laser Coaching Sessions which I’ll be sure to take advantage of next time.  Awesome conference, awesome weekend, awesome work.  Get bold. Get courageous, GET RADICAL!

Until next week,

Happy Jamming

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