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Audio: Eye on the Artist : Dot Star

Feature: Video-XPensive on youtube.com/dotstar

Azeez Adeshina Akinpelu, formally known on stage as ‘Dotstar aka Lagosboi’ is a young talented voice from North West London but he has come a very long way from nappies and a baby’s bottle. Growing up in a one bedroom flat in East London’s Hackney Adeshina was forced to manage the small things that he had. His parents were not millionaires but they would do everything to keep Adeshina smiling, buying him pianos, drums, guitars and his very first Michael Jackson Double CD was the start of what lead him to become what he is today. Dotstar’s music conveys a great deal of African influence and this is because of his background. Regularly visiting the motherland to see family and receive inspiration he is extremely proud of his roots. But don’t let Dotstar’s young face fool you, now 18, Adeshina has grown into a matured artist, writing and performing concept and dance songs. He is currently working on his album (Untitled) and his mixtape (Introducing:Lagosboi Vol.1) while promoting his second single ‘She’s Killing Me’


Genre: Electronica / Alternative / Experimental


Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/dotstar


Connect: Twitter,Facebook,



Video: Check out David Mascatello on our youtube page=TheRAMJAMTVShow


David Mascatello


Location: Great Falls, Virginia


Genre: Acoustic


Connect: Facebook/Planetary Band Music


Talk about a man with a plan! David has his hand in several projects, but that doesn’t take away from his talent in music. David put lyrics together based on hard-hitting facts of reality and he does it in passion, poise and grace. He’s a cool dude from head- to-toe donning sunglasses throughout his entire that sort of reminds me of the man in black, Johnny Cash and delivers a great performance. Planetary Band Music is David’s business that specializes in music lessons, recording and performances. He also MCs many Open Mics in Reston and Chantilly, Virginia don’t miss him at Open Mic and check him out on RAM JAM!


Coming soon! A new website for RAM Jam that will provide detailed information about our show, artist’s links, merchandise and more. But the things we are most excited about are FULL EPISODES. Finally after all this time our Twitter followers will be able to SEE what I’m always going on about. We are passionate about our unknown artists but if we have it our way, they won’t be “unknown” for too much longer!



The iBrain. It is designed to take brainwaves and have them be communicated on a computer. It consists of a black headband that contains neurotransmitters.

Essentially this is the latest experiment into mind reading, Stephen Hawking has already used the technology.

Last summer the creator
Dr. Phillip Low
traveled to England to meet with Hawking. He fitted him with the iBrain device and asked him to use as much of his brain power as he could to imagine he was scrunching his hand into a ball. The aim was to see whether his thoughts could be transcribed into words, through a series of signals.

At the time, Low told the New York Times: “We wanted to see if there was any change in the signal. And in fact, we did see a change in the signal.”

Low told the Telegraph that his brainwave technology “opens the possibility to link intended movements to a library of words and convert them into speech, thus providing motor neuron sufferers with communication tools more dependent on the brain than on the body.”

Hawking’s hand muscles are fading. He can no longer use the clicker with which he formerly activated his voice machine.

He now has to operate a “cheek switch,” which means it takes several minutes for a message to be generated.

The iBrain has already been proposed as an alternative to sleep labs and the researchers behind it believe it may even be able to, one day, help with the treatment of depression and even autism.






A Word from the Coach

Doreen Rainey, Success Coach,

Founder Radical Women’s Conference

How Long Do You Keep Trying?

By Doreen Rainey

One of the questions I often get is “how long do I keep trying?”

If they are pursuing their own business: “How long do I try?”

If they are working to improve a relationship: “How long do I try?”

If they are hoping to excel at their current employer: “How long do I try?”

Have you ever felt that way?

Have you felt like you’ve been working, trying, pushing, committed, focused and in hot pursuit of something you really want – something you really believe in – and it’s just not happening.

Maybe you have already given so much. Your time, resources, effort, blood, sweat, tears and your heart and soul. And still….it’s not coming together.

Jim Rohn has said: How long should you try? Until

Not only do I believe this quote, but when I speak at conferences and workshops and coach my clients, I often say that you should never give up. That when you are faced with the choice to stop or to keep going – you should always choose to keep going. However, let me clarify exactly what I mean.

When I say never stop, to never give up. I’m talking about the ultimate goal: To live a life where you are joyful, fulfilled, and connected – having a sense of purpose and accomplishment that is truly individually defined by you. That when you wake up – you are fully energized and excited about what opportunities are before you, yet also grateful and reflective of all that you already have and have already accomplished.

And it’s on THAT goal that I say “never stop” and “keep going.”

Now, in the quest to achieve that ultimate goal, you may start some things, stop some things, change directions, reevaluate, realign your resources, adjust your efforts or alter your circle of influence.

You may choose to let some ideas go, let some people go, seek out other options or continue on the current path. You may need to leave a job, apply for a new job, start a business, close down a business, seek out new relationships or continue to foster the ones you have. You may need to move across the country or down the street or make the decision to sell everything and travel the world.

While life is a journey, we should absolutely be clear on our destination – it’s not a certain position in our company, a certain revenue goal in our business, a list of letters behind our name, a certain weight or size, or a particular number in our bank account.

It’s about living full out. Doing, being, giving and having on a level that gives you deep meaning and an all-consuming feeling of contentment. It’s about the quest for inner peace, fulfillment and making a contribution.

And on THAT goal – we never stop trying

Well that’s it for this week but we have a very special blog for you coming up. We will be talking about R&B singer Venise Fox, who will be gracing the RAM JAM stage in July. Until then, HAPPY JAMMING!




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