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Hello All!



A while back I asked if you knew of any good news you wanted to share.  Well Good News, you did!  Now I’m happy to share your good news with the rest of the world.    A couple of weeks ago Josh Urban visited our studio (more about Josh to come).  Josh is doing an Interactive Rail Tour across the East Coast to spread the word about people who he calls “Comrades.” Comrades are other independent artists, like Josh who has something to share.  Be it a good cause or a jam session, Josh is currently on tour now making his way to Alexandria, VA where we’ll meet up and party on King Street in Old Town.  He then continues on his journey making his way to Charlottesville, VA.  But here’s the man himself spelling it all out for you.  You can find Josh Urban and his Interactive Rail Tour on Facebook; don’t forget to #JURT to let him know you’re watching:








All aboard the #JURT! (You don’t even have to be in the same country!) Everyone’s got a story. What’s yours? Share it with the world from Friday, September 7th, to Monday, September 17th using the hashtag #JURT to broadcast to a worldwide audience on social media.

So, what about me? I’m taking a total of 8 trains from Charlotte, NC, all the way to NYC, playing street music, jamming with people (hopefully you!) along the way, and sharing it all over social media, broadcasting live over my Google + page ( and YouTube channe (​poodlemanjosh)l.

My audience is your audience! I’m taking the world on tour, bro! At the end of the tour, I’ll be gathering all media and putting together a video of it!

Here’s how you participate:

1. Tweet, Instagram, and post on Google + using the hashtag #JURT. Use my Facebook page at​officialjosh

Tell your story, share your photos, the world as you see it, your observations, poems, music show promo, cool recipes…anything cool! See it in the compilation video at the end of the tour!

 2. Come jam with me! I’ll be in the following cities:

 Alexandria, VA 9/7

 Charlottesvile, VA 9/7

 Charlotte, NC 9/8

 Richmond, VA 9/9

 Washington, DC 9/14

 Philadelphia, PA 9/15

 New York, NY 9/16

3. Tell your friends! Get THEM to tour, and to follow you on your very own #JURT tour, as well!

It’s the world – on tour.

See you there, comrade!


More Good News

At The RAM Jam TV Show we are quick to report the Good News that’s on our radar, but nothing gets us more excited than when an artist is doing their part!  We know that it’s a challenge to do what independent/unsigned artists do all the time.  To keep the desire and the drive while building a fan base, dealing with management or even self-management.  But when an artist takes the time to focus on a need that impacts their community, well, that gets us really talk’in.  As is the case with longtime artist Queen Guttah aka Stephanie Spinner from Washington, DC, Queen as we affectionately call her will be participating in the Hip-Hop 4 the Homeless 5k Run/Walk event October 14 in Fort Hunt, Virginia.  Check out their website for details

Hip –Hop 4 the Homeless was founded by Social Entrepreneur Brother MANIAC (Major Cameron) for the purpose of putting on music events and fundraisers to assist Homeless Organizations in various cities in the US and Abroad.   The goal of the organization is to raise money and put on events, food drives, clothing drives all to assist Homeless individuals and families get back to point of being in a home and self-sufficient condition.







About the



Not only is the cause worthy, it’s interactive!  For every city that Hip-Hop 4 the Homeless visits, they feature the local artists.  So cool!  Below are the dates for the 2012 Hip Hop 4 the Homeless Tour:

Sat Sep 15 Washington, DC The Building(9pm-2am)

Sat Sep 29 Syracuse, NY SouthWest Community Center(8pm-12Midnight)

Wed Oct 3 Baltimore, MD Aloft BWI Airport(8pm-12Midnight)

Thu Oct 4 New York, NY Holiday Inn(8pm-12Midnight)

Fri Oct 5 Philadelphia, PA Holiday Inn Lansdale(8pm-12Midnight)

Sat Oct 6 Alexandria, VA Club One(4pm-8pm)

Sun Oct 7 Washington, DC Hampton Conference Center(4pm-8pm)

Thu Oct 11 Charlotte, NC Ramada Plaza Hotel(8pm-12Midnight)

Fri Oct 12 Atlanta, GA Hilton Suites(8pm-12Midnight)

Sat Oct 13 Raleigh, NC Mariott Research Hotel(6pm-10pm)

Wed Oct 31 Washington, DC The Building(8pm-12 Midnight)

Fri Nov 9 Houston, TX Doubletree Suites (8pm-12Midnight)

Sat Nov 10 Los Angeles, CA Holiday Inn anaheim (8pm-12Midnight)

Sat Nov 11 Las Vegas, NV La Quinta Inn (8pm-12Midnight)

Fri Nov 23 Orlando, FL Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel (8pm-12Midnight)

Sat Nov 24 Miami, FL Holiday Inn MIA (8pm-12Midnight)

Fri Dec 7 Capitol Hgts, MD Holiday Inn 15101 Sweitzer Ln Laurel, MD(8pm-12Midnight)

Fri Dec 21 Detroit, MI TBA

Sat Dec 22 Chicago, IL TBA

No matter where you are, here’s a chance to make a difference.

Now finally,

A Word from the Coach

In this lag time as the kids go back to school and we become adjusted to our new schedules or in some cases, our new found freedom we sometimes  need a butt-kickin, made accountable for, get back focused and turn-your-life-around talking to.  Here are some reminders about living radically successful with my favorite life coach Doreen Rainey:


 Your Big Ol’ But

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with someone who shared the big goals they were working on. They excitedly went on and on about all that they were going to do and what life would be like once they were accomplished.

As they got more animated and enthusiastic about the direction they were headed, I found myself getting just as pumped up and inspired as they were by hearing them lay out what was to come.

Then I realized something. This conversation sounded very familiar. Like I’d had it before…with this same person!

Then it hit me! We’d actually had a conversation similar to this quite a while ago and I quickly saw that they had made little progress towards achieving them.

When I gently pointed this out, they acknowledged their slow progress but quickly offered a reason. Hearing it, I offered what I thought was a pretty good solution to what they just said. They nodded in agreement and then said, “Yea…but…”

Hearing them out, I empathized with them, however, saw a way for them to work through it. When I shared a new approach they could take with the situation, they nodded in agreement and then said, “Yea…but”.

This went on for another 2 rounds of their excuses, my solutions and the inevitable “yea…but”.

Finally, I ended the conversation and wished them the best, simply stating, “Your but is too big for me”!

Have you experienced this before? Maybe a friend or family member has come to you and asked for advice. They seem genuine in their request and are attentive to your response, indicating that they are ready to take decisive action on whatever you recommend. And then….it happens.

Their big but gets in the way.

Or, maybe you are the one with the big but! Have you ever said the following:

But…I don’t know how.

But…I don’t have any support.

But…you don’t know MY situation.

But…I don’t have enough time.

But…I have too many other things to do.

But…it’s too hard.

But…I don’t know where to start.

If you’ve ever explored working with a coach, you may have been told that coaches want to work with people who are “ready”. What does ready mean? It means you are ready to retire your big ol’ but!

It means that instead of looking immediately at the obstacles that come with getting what you want, you focus on the possibilities. It means that instead of seeing the challenges, you see the solutions.

I say retire your “big but” and replace it with a new mantra: “how can I make it happen”.

When you turn your attention to proactive steps you can take to overcome your challenges, you realize your but isn’t so big after all!

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey is the founder of the RADICAL Success Institute and the annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference.

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: “RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

 © 2012 Doreen Rainey


Well, this wraps up our Good News Segment.  See why we’re tempted to call it great news?

BTW – if you’re artists with your own original music, we invite you to join us.  We can be found on Cox Channel 10 and wherever FIOS is available in VA, MD, and DC and in Manhattan on Channel 4.

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in!


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