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Random Acts of MusicThe Mosaic District is an urban retail district featuring top fashion boutiques located just outside of Washington, DC and is all you’ve ever dreamed of in shopping! Inspiring retailers wow you with just enough of the hottest trends in everything from homes to home design. Explore all there is at the Fashion Night Out, an evening of fashion, style and film. From casually window shopping with friends or total closet transformation, they’ve got you covered. The night ends with two showings of “Lucy” at the outdoor theater of Angelika’s Film Center and Café. Accessible from the Dunn Loring Metro Station or parking is effortless and free. Join us!

Fashion Night Out

Mosaic District

2910 District Avenue

Fairfax, VA 22031

Tuesday November 13, 2012 6pm-8pm

Featured Artist: Inna

Genre: Pop

Location: Romania


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Congratulations! I’m sad but very happy to say that this is the last time we will be featuring Inna both on the blog and on the show. Inna has just recently been signed to Universal Music Group. We wish Inna a successful career and the best of luck! Remember, you saw her here first. Are you the next one we can gladly bid farewell?

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The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

Audio: Eye on the Artist

Featured Artist: Mick MoneyBaggs

Genre: Rap

Location: Racine,Wisconsin



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* To our affliates in New York, our thoughts and prayers are with you as your recovery progresses from Hurricane Sandy.

Video: Featured Artist

Empire Nightclub

Location: Springfield, VA

Genre: Down DMV Life 2012 Showcase Part 2


DMV Life 2012 headed up the event at the Empire Nightclub in Springfield, VA. Calmplexxx put on a master show with serious DMV artists. Professional, poised for success and managers in tow, these artists are already living the life of a junior in the big league game of rap. I never realized the influence this culture has. The tri-state area including Northern Virginia has the potential to feed, clothe and decently house its local artist. Face it; most artists have to go national to eat. But isn’t that the happy-ending, to be known worldwide? Well in this case, the praise speaks for itself. We are boasting artists in the know (how to make a dollar) is none other than Ms. Ria Ria Gottaluvme from Landover, MD. Her talent doesn’t just stop at rap, she also models, dances and host. Hooking up with lyrical genius, her collaboration with Krystal Platinumpuff titled “Xtra, Xtra” makes you wonder how this dynamic duo had hidden for so long. With their flow as tight as it is, I thought they were definitely not newbies.

A star is born! Kenton Dunson has been carrying a successful career that has taken him places working with artists like John Legend and Ryan Kellie Dunson is DMW‘s own Kanye West, seriously his sound is wicked. Be on the lookout for more of Dunson in our featured videos. Let me ask you a quick question: You know how success is so close that you can smell it? As is the case with 17 Bangas! Fun, Energetic and Smart. If I could name them, that’s exactly what it would be FES. Wildboy Booka, Pimplilblack and CardoLotto also display the hype that comes from this area. For example Dirty South has their own now we see that DC alone can’t contain it. This talent is hard-hitting, the beat is kickin and the lyrics are non-stop. 17 Bangas formed out of Landover, Maryland, look them up on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their video –

Finally, if I keep going on about these famous acts you’d be here half the day and I’d lose readers. But be sure to look ’em up, support ’em! A special thanks to DMVLife, Calmplexx, Empire Nightclub, all the studios that showed up and especially the artists. Sunne, C-City,  and Eddie Black are also featured on this episode and can be found all over social media. Auditions for Part 3 will be held on November 10th &11th at Catwalk Studioz go to website to learn more.


The DMV from a Native’s Perspective

After over 40 years in this area, my how things have changed. If I could pull up all of the yearbooks beginning with George Washington Jr. High School, I would go further but anything beyond that, for the most part, is happy-go-lucky so it doesn’t really count. In my school went two races, the millionaires and the not millionaires. Bear in mind, where one group lacked, the other had in abundance. Suddenly out of the clear blue, along comes the middle class, a mixed group with a different language able to adapt to any environment. Before this could be considered a obstacle to either side along comes another class. Many of us found it difficult to ascertain any socio-economic level, this group was just too quiet and covering a large geographic area whether they walked or rode the bus was also illusive. That was the story until TC Williams High School. A little voice became louder and louder, more and more vocal until we are no longer the same. The landscape has broadened. Many languages are now spoken, many tribes are now heard. That’s the beauty of my strong, every-growing corner of the world in which I live. Many voices, many cultures, much music, art and expressions in the young and the wisdom of the old, it takes three-not one – to acquire a spot on the map. Not that type of bullet.

MD 202 in Greater Landover

MD 202 in Greater Landover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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