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Hey what’s up my Ram Jammer? this is your boy RJ and man I am ready to do this. I want to take the time to spotlight an incredible artist who is on the steady climb here in the DMV, this artist is named 330.

330 pic

What kind of name is 330 you may ask? well the question you should be asking is what kind of artist is she? 330 is a MC who I have witnessed with my own eyes demolish battle rappers and poets alike. In this era of “Over-night rappers” as by homie Wild Boy Booker of 17 Bangas would say, it’s refreshing to see a lyrical artist true to the craft. 330 AKA Amanda Carter has just dropped her new single called “Faded” and it is HOT!

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I just wrapped up another recording today with my favorite DMV artist

Josh Urban.

Josh Urban always brings energy, skills and talent every time he visits The Ram JamTV Show and we are always grateful for him taking time from is Interactive Rail Tour to grace our stage. On this visit Josh showed us unique guitar he made from a cigar box and other household items, yea I said it “A cigar box”. Let me tell you one thing, a cigar box never sounded sweeter and funkier until Josh started playing it. When he started playing in quickly thought of Muddy Waters or one of the early pioneers of guitar lore, along with a bottle neck slider the sound was brilliant and blues at the same time. I just have one thing to say about his performance today, “Jammin'”.


Erica McElrath calls herself “The Happy Lady.” And by now, you may have caught her singing and dancing with her mp3 player on any of several city street corners.

“I don’t want money,” said McElrath, 40, of St. Louis. “I come out here to make people smile.”

McElrath lost her full-time job in January. Since then, she has spent her days doing what she loves — dancing in the street. Her message to people at a time of economic distress: do something that you enjoy, no matter what your circumstances.

“Life is not that bad,” she said. “If you’re working 40 hours a week, you should not be complaining.”

McElrath graduated from Parkway Central High School and has spent the past 21 years working as a nursing assistant. She began singing and dancing publicly on her days off a few years ago to help her through the pain of her second divorce. (“I was too happy for him,” she says.)

Her favorite spot is the northwest corner of Chouteau Avenue and South Grand Boulevard near St. Louis University. But she says she also draws stares at Jefferson Avenue and Olive Street, North Grand Boulevard and Natural Bridge Avenue, and Southwest Avenue and Kingshighway. She has also danced at intersections in St. Charles and Belleville.

McElrath’s mp3 player is loaded with hundreds of classic rock hits and ’80s pop songs, including those by Joe Cocker, the Eagles, Tina Turner, the Eurythmics, Neil Diamond and Toto. But her favorite artist, by far, is Stevie Nicks.

Videos of McElrath have popped up on YouTube. Her own YouTube channel, “BouncyLady40,” shows a clip of her grooving to the song, “Play That Funky Music.” Her Facebook profile allows people to join the “The Happy Lady Club” and features photos and video clips of her singing and dancing around town.

“People think I’m crazy, but I don’t care,” she said. “I can’t dance a lick. I just be bouncing and going with the music.”

The occasional obscene gesture from a passing motorist doesn’t bother her either.

“I just smile and wave,” she said.

McElrath’s bravado recently earned her a job opportunity with Liberty Tax Service, which tentatively offered her a job as a dancing Statute of Liberty to promote a new location near Grand Center starting in January.

“Just be happy and do what you love,” she said. “The money will come.”

BY JOEL CURRIER • | 314-340-8256

 Ok my Ram Jammers, it’s time for the RJ to hit the club with one of the sexiest women I have ever known, my wife. The next time we hook up I will be bringing more videos, more up and coming artist and much more fun. If you would like to appear on the Ram Jam TV Show then send me a link at and I promise I will check it out, until then keep Jammin’ and never give up on you dreams. PEACE!


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Hey what’s good my happy Jammers? This is RJ, executive producer and host of The Ram Jam TV Show. I know it’s been a loooooong time since you’ve heard from us but I promise there is a good reason for the absence. As of today we have expanded our show to two new markets, Maryland and Atlanta. In addition to growing we have also had some extremely hot artist grace our stage and jam for you the viewers.

monroe pic
First up is my boy Monroe from the ATL, Monroe is an R&B singer with that R. Kelly style that has the ladies falling out and buying his music. I first met Monroe when I was being sent on my many trips to the grocery (Thanks Wifey). He was in the community selling his CD to any and everyone who walked by, of course being the music man that I am I bought one and was not disappointed. His music gives you that feel of “This dudes about to be LARGE!” so of course I had to invite him on the show. If you missed the show don’t even trip because I have it here for you to check out for yourselves.

arson pic A few weeks later his brother Arson appeared on the show. Arson is a lyrical master with a Tupac flow, Dougie Fresh style and Diddy business mind. Along with his producer and stage homie Squire JOH they ripped The Ram Jam stage and had us begging for more. I will not blow it when it comes to kicking it with The Ram Jam TV Show fans anymore as you can look forward to getting updates from me weekly from now on. Remember if you are an artist with your own music and you’re getting tired of performing for a few then hit us up and perform for MILLIONS! Until next time Happy Jamming. PEACE!!

The Ram Jam TV Show – Full Episode ft. Arson  Click to jam

 Alright Jammers, I hate to bring this up but I think it is important to all of us. Since North Korea is trippin’ and sending all kinds of threats against the U.S.A and our homie countries that we are down with, I think it is time we prepare ourselves in case a nuclear attack hits home.

The three factors for protecting oneself from radiation and fallout are distance, shielding and time.

  • Distance – the more distance between you and the fallout particles, the better. An underground area such as a home or office building basement offers more protection than the first floor of a building. A floor near the middle of a high-rise may be better, depending on what is nearby at that level on which significant fallout particles would collect. Flat roofs collect fallout particles so the top floor is not a good choice, nor is a floor adjacent to a neighboring flat roof.
  • Shielding – the heavier and denser the materials – thick walls, concrete, bricks, books and earth – between you and the fallout particles, the better.
  • Time – fallout radiation loses its intensity fairly rapidly. In time, you will be able to leave the fallout shelter. Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat to people during the first two weeks, by which time it has declined to about 1 percent of its initial radiation level.

Remember that any protection, however temporary, is better than none at all, and the more shielding, distance and time you can take advantage of, the better.



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