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Audio: Eye on the Artist

Featured Artist: Mick MoneyBaggs

Genre: Rap

Location: Racine,Wisconsin



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* To our affliates in New York, our thoughts and prayers are with you as your recovery progresses from Hurricane Sandy.

Video: Featured Artist

Empire Nightclub

Location: Springfield, VA

Genre: Down DMV Life 2012 Showcase Part 2


DMV Life 2012 headed up the event at the Empire Nightclub in Springfield, VA. Calmplexxx put on a master show with serious DMV artists. Professional, poised for success and managers in tow, these artists are already living the life of a junior in the big league game of rap. I never realized the influence this culture has. The tri-state area including Northern Virginia has the potential to feed, clothe and decently house its local artist. Face it; most artists have to go national to eat. But isn’t that the happy-ending, to be known worldwide? Well in this case, the praise speaks for itself. We are boasting artists in the know (how to make a dollar) is none other than Ms. Ria Ria Gottaluvme from Landover, MD. Her talent doesn’t just stop at rap, she also models, dances and host. Hooking up with lyrical genius, her collaboration with Krystal Platinumpuff titled “Xtra, Xtra” makes you wonder how this dynamic duo had hidden for so long. With their flow as tight as it is, I thought they were definitely not newbies.

A star is born! Kenton Dunson has been carrying a successful career that has taken him places working with artists like John Legend and Ryan Kellie Dunson is DMW‘s own Kanye West, seriously his sound is wicked. Be on the lookout for more of Dunson in our featured videos. Let me ask you a quick question: You know how success is so close that you can smell it? As is the case with 17 Bangas! Fun, Energetic and Smart. If I could name them, that’s exactly what it would be FES. Wildboy Booka, Pimplilblack and CardoLotto also display the hype that comes from this area. For example Dirty South has their own now we see that DC alone can’t contain it. This talent is hard-hitting, the beat is kickin and the lyrics are non-stop. 17 Bangas formed out of Landover, Maryland, look them up on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their video –

Finally, if I keep going on about these famous acts you’d be here half the day and I’d lose readers. But be sure to look ’em up, support ’em! A special thanks to DMVLife, Calmplexx, Empire Nightclub, all the studios that showed up and especially the artists. Sunne, C-City,  and Eddie Black are also featured on this episode and can be found all over social media. Auditions for Part 3 will be held on November 10th &11th at Catwalk Studioz go to website to learn more.


The DMV from a Native’s Perspective

After over 40 years in this area, my how things have changed. If I could pull up all of the yearbooks beginning with George Washington Jr. High School, I would go further but anything beyond that, for the most part, is happy-go-lucky so it doesn’t really count. In my school went two races, the millionaires and the not millionaires. Bear in mind, where one group lacked, the other had in abundance. Suddenly out of the clear blue, along comes the middle class, a mixed group with a different language able to adapt to any environment. Before this could be considered a obstacle to either side along comes another class. Many of us found it difficult to ascertain any socio-economic level, this group was just too quiet and covering a large geographic area whether they walked or rode the bus was also illusive. That was the story until TC Williams High School. A little voice became louder and louder, more and more vocal until we are no longer the same. The landscape has broadened. Many languages are now spoken, many tribes are now heard. That’s the beauty of my strong, every-growing corner of the world in which I live. Many voices, many cultures, much music, art and expressions in the young and the wisdom of the old, it takes three-not one – to acquire a spot on the map. Not that type of bullet.

MD 202 in Greater Landover

MD 202 in Greater Landover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Also find them on Facebook/

Ria Ria Gottaluvme


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Audio: Eye on the Artist

Feature: Kayo Guevarra

Genre: Hip-Hop/Positive Rap


Connect: Youtube Channel

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Video: Featured Artist

Maggie Anderson

Location: DMV

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Connect: Facebook/Maggie Anderson Music

Maggie Anderson from Chantilly, Virginia was our first acoustic artist in the studio. Maggie brought the sunshine in with her and left us with a new appreciation to the beautiful song of a guitar. Maggie’s sound was on point as was her attitude. The outline of a true music professional, she is currently studying music business. She is interested in performing at venues throughout Washington, DC. Maggie performed three original songs for us, all of which share a haunting melody, a pleasant remembrance. Connect with Maggie on Facebook and support her music. But remember where you saw her first – This is RAM Jam!

Singer/Song writer

Climbing the stairs of stardom






Coming soon! A new website for RAM Jam that will provide detailed information about our show, artist’s links, merchandise and more. But the things we are most excited about are FULL EPISODES. Finally after all this time our Twitter followers will be able to SEE what I’m always going on about. We are passionate about our unknown artists but if we have it our way, they won’t be “unknown” for too much longer!


Fairfax Pets on Wheels, Inc. provides companionship and an improved quality of life to Fairfax area residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities through regular pet visitation by trained volunteers and their approved pets. The program benefits both residents and the visiting volunteer teams. The Residents benefit from the medically-proven calming effect of touching animals. The Volunteers add a new dimension to their own lives and discover that sharing a pet and an hour or two of their time on a regular basis can provide deeply satisfying rewards. Pets enjoy the extra attention and can make new friends by participating in group visits. Find out more information about Fairfax Pets on Wheels. How you can volunteer and who should volunteer at

A Word from the Coach

Doreen Rainey, Success Coach,

Founder Radical Women’s Conference


Dress for Success!

Founded in New York City in 1997, Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization offering services designed to help clients find jobs and remain employed. Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separates when she finds work.

Since 1997, Dress for Success has served more than 550,000 women around the world. Each year we reach more than 50,000 women in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Poland and the West Indies.

On her initial visit, a woman receives a suit appropriate for the industry in which she is interviewing and, if available, accessories. After a woman finds a job she returns to Dress for Success for additional clothing that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits, providing her with the foundation for a professional wardrobe.

While we may be best known for providing suits to women, it is our employment retention programs that are the cornerstone of the organization. Soon after Dress for Success was founded we came to recognize that finding work is only one step in a woman’s journey towards economic independence; remaining employed and building a rewarding career are essential if a woman is to become self-sufficient.

Suits and Blouses Ready For Clients

To meet the need for services that would help women both find and keep jobs, they established the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) program, which offers women ongoing support as they successfully transition into the workforce, build thriving careers and prosper in the mainstream workplace. Once a woman joins the PWG she is a member for life, able to attend meetings at any affiliate throughout the world and can benefit from additional employment retention and mentoring programs.

Dress for Success also has developed Career Center, an initiative that promotes confidence and professionalism by providing women career guidance, the chance to acquire technology skills and assistance in their job searches.

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

© 2012 Doreen Rainey


Connect with us on Twitter @ramjamtvshow!

For more information email us at

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Audio: Eye on the Artist

Feature: Asia Bryant, Atlanta, GA by way of Charleston, SC

Genre: R&B


 Connect: Facebook, Twitter

If You Love Me


Video: Featured Artist


Infinite Hill


Location: DMV (Northern Virginia)


Genre: Hip-Hop


Connect: Coming soon!


Influences: Radio Head, Incubus, Beatles to name just a few.


Infinite Hill out of Northern Virginia has been one of the best performances to date. These six dudes showed up to our studio a few weeks ago lively, energetic, flirtatious and fun. Truly artists of their craft, we were blown away by the easiness of Phil on lead guitar, Mani’s smooth, strong vocals you can get a really good idea of the melody I’m going on about by viewing this clip of them performing “Simplicity”:

You will see the dynamic stage presence of Chris, Dominic is over in the corner doing some Hendrix stuff on rhythm guitar. Adam is a “Wonder” on bass and Derrick is working it out on percussion, at first glance I thought he was Pharrell.

English: Pharrell Williams performing with N.E...

English: Pharrell Williams performing with N.E.R.D in Pori Jazz 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was really a treat for the entire studio to beentertained by these guys who we will all be paying to see real soon, “I got a good feeling about this.”



Global Music Project is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization representing music fans, artists, event promoters, progressive businesses, social activists, and others who believe in the power of music to attract, educate, and inspire humanity to participate in making a better world. Find out more inccluding uploading your music, networking and it’s all free!


A Word from the Coach


Be Inspired By Her Story


One of the strategies I use to stay focused, on track and motivated to keep working towards my goals is to read, listen or watch inspiring stories of those who have achieved the type of success that resonates with me.

That’s one of the reasons I absolutely love the RADICAL Woman Awards. Reading the stories of the nominees and finalists clearly demonstrate what perseverance, commitment and desire to never give up can do.

Sometimes, as we work to achieve our self defined success, we feel as if we are all alone – as if no one is going through what we are going through. That is simply not true.

Whether you are building your own business, dealing with health challenges, managing difficult relationships or getting your finances together, there are many others who have been there – done that – and came out on top.

Our RADICAL Award winners are shining examples of that. At this year’s Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, each woman shared a piece of her journey with us – invoking smiles, laughter and a few tears. They courageously talked about their impressive achievements as well as the challenges they were forced to overcome.

Stories have a way of moving us…touching us…and reminding us that we can do it – that our dreams are possible.

Read more and be inspired by reading this article in its entirety:

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and getting the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”


Audio:    Eye on the Artist 

Feature: King Myers, Long Island, NY

Genre: Hip-Hop

Website: http://

 Connect:   Facebook, Twitter @realkingmyers,

Video: Featured Artist

One Day to Escape

Location: DMV (Northern Virginia)

Genre: Rock, Punk

Connect: Facebook

We ran into One Day to Escape in Chantilly, VA. At the time they were doing some cover songs which was fine, but the amazing thing about these boys was that in just three short weeks they wrote, composed and practiced three awesome original songs and performed well. I have to admit we were impressed. The crew Alex, 13; Lance 15; Sean and James 15, came out to the studio and lit up the green screen with energy, personality and rock! Reminding me of no one particular group, there were hints of influence from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Devo. These crazy fun guys did an awesome performance worthy of a repeat. Check out their on air debut Dementia:


I really hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. I also hope you remembered to take some time and reflect on the sacrifices that our military families make every day to ensure our freedoms and protection. We would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all you do for our country. Learn more at

A Word from the Coach

Always know that you have “it” in you! Whatever you need to achieve your biggest goals lies within you. It may need a little TLC, a little attention, support and perhaps some added learning. But you’ve got it!” ~Doreen Rainey~

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

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Image via CrunchBase

Audio: Eye on the Artist

Feature: Athel Chicago, IL

Genre: Rock


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Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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 Video: Featured Artist

J 40 Media Group

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Genre: Every Random Act

Connect: Facebook, Twitter, @RAMJamTVShow

Normally I would never take this opportunity to promote any other business other than an artist, but this is important for you to know.

Why is it so important?

It’s important because we as a business recognize the need to change the way music handles business. We’ve emphasized before how the industry has changed the way it discovers artists. Today you need to be armed with a proven track record of your marketability (to get fans and sales). We at J 40 thanks to the RAM Jam TV Show are in the unique position to provide an advantage to serious artists who are willing to put in the work to do just that. While still young we realized early on by talking to artists and their managers that the most important thing is exposure and more than just a web-based presence but in mainstream as well. That coupled with a lack of promoting themselves as a business. To achieve a complete package, one must have a web presence, videos and promotional. With a little elbow grease and investment your chances of becoming the next great sensation are closer than you think or at least to run your business on your own terms.

Why J 40 Media Group?

Like I’ve mentioned before J 40 is in the unique position because it offer a platform for “one-stop shopping.” We don’t claim to be able to suite all needs, but we are the best step in the right direction.

Find out more at a sneak peek of our website at It’s not all done yet, but we are so excited to bring you this offering I just couldn’t wait. Be sure to check back on Friday for the official launch. Happy jamm’in with ‘cha!


To bring you back the awesome music you’re accustomed to getting when you log on to our blog. We’ve had some exciting acts grace our studio that I just cannot wait to air. One Day to Escape is a boy group headed in the right direction. Infinite Hill is the coolest band yet and Maggie, I can’t wait to tell you about Maggie.


It’s everywhere! Got a story you’d like to share? Hit us up, we want to hear about it.

In closing: A Word from the Coach

RADICAL Thought for the Day: Maximize this opportunity called life. ~ Doreen Rainey

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

© 2012 Doreen Rainey

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Audio: Eye on the Artist


Feature: Shea Rose, Boston, MA


Genre: Rock/Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop




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Video: Featured Artist



Location: Anywhere


Genre: Any


Connect: Facebook, Twitter,


Unsigned, independent, whatever your genre, whatever your choice, everyone agrees that the music industry is a changed game. Long gone are the days of being ‘discovered,’ hats off to the indie label that understands this. However the goal of becoming a signed artist does not have to fade. But in your quest of becoming signed, consider some protocol by industry experts including yours truly.

I loved how information was just flowing at the beginning of 2012 when everyone was promising to “step up their game,” I’m reminding you (and me) of some ways to boost your music business, notice I didn’t say career. According to they listed 12 tips and reasons for taking your business to the next level. Without going in to as much detail as they did, we are going to list them in no particular order. Then we’ll go into a little more great advice that I discovered on great sites like Finally we’ll finish with our expertise – videos.

This is the advice from Music Think Tank. Read more at

1. Get serious about your newsletter. Use Fanbridge, Nimbit, Hostbaby, Bandzoogle or ReverbNation.

2. Mine through your email inbox and outbox for names and addresses to add.

3. Bring a clipboard to each and every live appearance. Invite people onto your mailing list with a raffle or giveaway from stage, and collect e-mail addresses.

4. Include a special offer on your website with a free exclusive MP3 or video (or better yet – several).

5. Follow 25 new people a week on Twitter.

6. Send out e-mails to your most engaged fans through Facebook and ask if you can have their e-mail addresses for your newsletter.

7. Do the same with any other networks you frequent.

8. Start a simple Tumblr blog and share photos, stories and thoughts.

9. Start a podcast or a vodcast and interview other artists with big followings. Ask them to share your podcast with their fans and followers.

10. Ask your fans to review your music at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

11. Wish people a happy birthday (everyday) on Facebook!

12. Practice random acts of kindness online regularly. Introduce people to each other who may benefit from knowing one another.

Some advice from

First and foremost, you will need actual recorded music to make this whole thing possible.

Once you have recorded music the next logical step is making sure those recordings are protected from copyright infringements by registering them with the library of congress.

Create a spreadsheet where you can add in all of the music publishers that you’re going to be researching.

Research music publishers who work with your style of music, instrumentals and beats, when researching publishers for your music it’s important to note things like non-exclusive or exclusive deals that they offer to their artist.

One thing to keep in mind is that as long as the music publishing deals you’re signing are non-exclusive, you can always look for and work with more publishers for those same songs. However, if the deal is exclusive, it’s going to be a guarantee that the publisher you signed the contract with is going to be the only one who can work with the songs that you signed with them.

Another big step: Your video

Your video is a representation of you, of course. Today’s technology lets you easily bring your best light forward, with a little help from you. When considering your video, consider the viewer, your audience and what they are seeing, literally. These simple questions answered by the pros at The RAM Jam TV Show may help you make some good judgment when it comes to the camera.

What is the best quality?

1080 HD Quality is the best quality for airing videos. Anything less will result in raster scan lines (vertical lines off and on throughout the video) when broadcasting. For example Jigz Crillz is an artist whose videos are always good and therefore takes priority. Check out the quality of his video Van City

What should you include in your video?

Other than the artist name, song title and label name (if you have one) any other credits you want to acknowledge. Your production company, team, and contact information is sometimes included and helpful.

What should not be included?

If there is profanity in your art, take the time to have it edited. This allows you to become more marketable and gives you the ability to reach a greater audience. The same is true for racy outfits and nudity.

Final thoughts: The text should be clear and consistent when used throughout the video and should be included at the beginning and the end. Do your best and rise to reasonable challenges and take this information with you to the top and you should have no problem getting noticed.


My company, J 40 Media Group shares the same idea that your music is your business and therefore should be treated with the same care and attention as a small business. We offer competitive rates on music video production, television commercials and advertising. Remember to check us out when growing your company. Official website coming soon!



Isn’t it great to live in a nation that honors its art through authors, composers and publishers? To live where you can freely do what you love, write it down and express it? Well, it’s also important to track what you do, be protected and get paid! The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and organizations like it exists so that you can do just that. Learn a little more of what they have to offer:

What Is ASCAP?

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership association of more than 435,000 U.S. composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers of every kind of music. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide. ASCAP is the only U.S. performing rights organization created and controlled by composers, songwriters and music publishers, with a Board of Directors elected by and from the membership.

ASCAP protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. ASCAP’s licensees encompass all who want to perform copyrighted music publicly. ASCAP makes giving and obtaining permission to perform music simple for both creators and users of music.


Don’t forget to get the rights.


In closing: A Word from the Coach

“It’s okay to want more from your life!”

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

© 2012 Doreen Rainey


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