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When RAM Jam first began, I mean damn! Everything was new and magnified and just scary. So yes, it took us a while to figure out just what the heck we were doing and though we are still learning we’ve acquired so much. So now that it’s all better…

We’ve been bringing you independent artists worldwide since 2009 and here’s how it happened: There was an artist, Mizzy Mack who had a crew ‘O’ and Sharon aka Wooded Hoods Entertainment, our 1st network.

But 1st there was Zack Barr, Rock Star.

Then there were Drummers, Akoma, lots of drums. Our 1st Drummers

The Passion Reggae Band was all of dat, mon jamm’in hard, out 1st Reggae Band

Coming in at #5 is our 1st Hip-Hop Artist, DeSean Mizzy Mack

Folk is our art when Mascatello was 1st to enter the scene, Dave that is

And finally we can never forget our 1st Rap Jon Jon

Four years later here we are living the dream of network TV, Wooded Hoods has grown into a local powerhouse company having several artists under their label. The DMV’s music scene is now

As we were filming this past episode on Saturday the 19th of January 2013, our 1st R&B performer Monroe, President Barack Obama has been sworn in in an open ceremony for his second term on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and RAM Jam will be picked up on Montgomery County Network Channel 12 and LIVE streamed this Friday at 1:30p. So let’s get out there and win-win-win, if you are serious about your business and your art, now is the time!

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deuts...

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)