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What up my Ramtourage peeps!  Ok let me just say this one thing, THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOME!! Let me explain.

Last week on Wednesday I was at my day job, (Yea that’s right, I too am trying to come up like the artist we feature) anyway we are renovating a major high school in Washington, DC and we were told Mayor Gray was touring the site Friday morning. Of course all the other workers throughout the entire dusty job site kicked it into gear about two speeds quicker. The general contractors are known to walk around and check on the progress and if necessary jump up in a guy’s a** to get quicker results.  Me being a Audio Visual tech was more worried than the trash detail,concrete workers,plumbers,voice and data techs and drywall installers.


About the only one’s as worried as me were maybe the electricans, but as a AV tech our work was to be on full display.  So we got our butts moving installing ceiling speakers, talk back speakers and call switches while my counterpart was to be installing the smart boards. Well at the end of the day the speakers were up and we were all ready to split when one of the General Contractors  informed us that the smart boards were not all up and the guy who was to install them was going to be out for the next few days. “Uh-oh” I thought to myself as he went on to say that two additional rooms was going to be on display, but me being ever the believer simply told him “No problem”. But there was a problem, we needed two more smart boards on site which we did not and hardware. That day me and two other techs hustled out to our warehouse more than 70 miles away, picked up two more smart boards and made it back to site. By the end of the additional four hours to my work day I came home, ate dinner,kissed the kids and crashed. In the end everything worked out, we installed the smart board and projector and wall switches, the Mayor and my own project managers were impressed with the new renovations to the school and I was able to see my work being apperciated on the news. Not bad for a Friday.


On this blog I have the pleasure of introducing to you the newest members of The Ramturouge, J-Rob of WGIV 103.3 Radio, Lyrical mastermind Celzius and the homie Citi. Let me say this, I love running into people who are not waiting for a big break or lady luck to buy them a drink but who are making their dreams and goals a reality through hard work. J-Rob,Celzius and Citi are three guys doing the thang’.  Not only does J-Rob manage these two very skilled MC’s he is also quite the singer and song writer. J-Rob shares the same vision of throwing the spotlight on the unsigned artist and doing it with class, if you don’t believe me then tune in live stream on WGIV103.3 at 8:pm and check out The Hype Show and you will see how they get down – we had a blast on air with them. Celzius I gotta say is one of the most gifted artist I have met in a long time. What convinced me was his zeal for hip hop as he told us of different colabs’ he has coming up in the near future. Then he sealed the deal by dropping a freestyle live in the VIP and respecting our younger viewers, never spit a curse at us .(Real skills). Citi was not what I expected, at first look at his blue Miami baseball cap with matching blue rimmed glasses of some expensive name I can not say nor write, crowned on top of his dreads like straight out of Swag Magazine I just knew he was the super hype one. In fact Citi was just the opposite, the mello yet confident flow of his freestyle interwove in and out of the track as if things had reversed and the music was inspired to give it’s best to such words that froze , picked up another clever verse, rolled it like dice in a hustlers palm before hitting for the whole pot.  J-Rob clued us on his radio show “The Hype Show” then turned the tables on us and interviewed us, let me say this to any artist I have ever interviewed and felt you could have done better. Forgive me now, I know how you feel. To check out the entire interview with J-Rob and the crew see the full episode on youtube.

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 Well I am exhausted and need a little rest, so for all my unsigned artist, keep grinding and Ram Jam believes in you.



PS This is Kendra, just wanted to chime in and say we have some truly exciting opportunities and events coming up over the summer months.  We had a brief glitch but promise to bring you awesome new episodes featuring Josh Urban with some behind the scences footage.  Just in time for his upcoming release – keep on jamm’in Josh!  Also I wanted to s/o to the latest additions to our crew, JWash of the DMV and makeup extroidnare Ms. Tracey Medley also of the DMV.  We are excited to have them onboard, as they bring their talents of radio from JWash’s own XM show featured in South Carolina.  Ms. Medley has extensive makeup practice in theater and bridals and now on tv.  She does a really cool monster scar.  And of course we can never forget our ever lovely, Lucy Cox who will also be joining us in the summer (it promises to be a HOT one).  Now let’s see if the three can hold it up in front of the camera -wink-.  Seriously though a great big THANK YOU to Lucy,  JWash and Ms. Tracey.  Welcome aboard.

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in