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Feature: King Myers, Long Island, NY

Genre: Hip-Hop

Website: http://

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One Day to Escape

Location: DMV (Northern Virginia)

Genre: Rock, Punk

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We ran into One Day to Escape in Chantilly, VA. At the time they were doing some cover songs which was fine, but the amazing thing about these boys was that in just three short weeks they wrote, composed and practiced three awesome original songs and performed well. I have to admit we were impressed. The crew Alex, 13; Lance 15; Sean and James 15, came out to the studio and lit up the green screen with energy, personality and rock! Reminding me of no one particular group, there were hints of influence from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Devo. These crazy fun guys did an awesome performance worthy of a repeat. Check out their on air debut Dementia:


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