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The Ram Jam TV Show has been away for a little while. I have been dealing with a family emergency for a few months that resulted in my being taken away from my proper duties. Let’s start this blog off with a great band I had the pleasure of inviting in the studio, The Slade Rhythm Band. Led by Boo Jones and consisting of some incredible musicians such as singer/ sax player Jazzy Steve, Guitarist Willie C, Percussionist Mark Pratt,  Base player Larry Carter, Drummer Terry Page and Female vocalist Yonni Soul. The Slade Rhythm Band are a newly formed band from the DMV bringing their brand of GO- GO music to a welcoming audience, belting out covers and original songs that keep the audience grooving throughout their set. It was great having them in the studio and even the film crew managed the get their boogie on while the played.


slade rhytm

I know things have been tough since the Zimmerman trial and I must say I am at a loss for words other than my prayers go out to the Martin family, no parent should have to bury their children and say goodbye too soon.TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1

I just want to say I for one will be glad when things like this will end in our society, when the violence and stereotypes will no longer be an issue so we can stay focused on the things that really matter in life which is to live in harmony and peace.

I love all my Ram Jam fans out there and pray for each and every one of you to be kept safe and blessed.

Until then Keep your heads up and reach for the stars.

Happy Jamming!!


Moving Forward

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The artists of RAM Jam

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while. Hope I didn’t lose any of yawls interest. We took an unofficial hiatus, as we became aware of some things that really made us think, re-group now we’ve come to the realization that our loyalty is in and will be to the unsigned, independent artist. We were offered the opportunity to go big, meaning for us the opportunity to sponsor a signed artist. We were flattered, but at the end of the day, we want to see our artist become signed, if that’s what they want to do. We do ask that after you’ve gone to famedom, poke your head in sometimes, we have no problem with that. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know how it’s going, what’s coming up and as always it’s free. However we have some incredible sponsorship opportunities, there is always ways other than monetary, but money is always good.

We want to leave you from this year as we prepare to move into a new one with this holiday video special edition featuring Tony Craddock, Jr, Mike Marolda, Josh Urban and Maggie Anderson. This is RAM Jam:



What’s RJ got going on in ’13?

If you are already following the show you’ll notice that we’ve gone behind the scenes. I must confess it’s a little trying with the cameras on all the time, but it’s proven an adventure even more so when we went with Lucy behind the scenes. It gives you a taste of the dynamics between her and Martin. Special thanks to Akira, Angelica and Rich or as I like to call them, Raaa, for putting up with us. Our entire crew has been so cool – thanks again guys and gals. Anyway there’ll be more of that coming up as well as some artists’ features that has never been done before by anyone – ever, plus some new videos that we are really excited about.

We are no different from any other video show when it comes to the end of the year. We leave 2012 with your Top 10, who makes the list? Is it One Day to Escape? Did Crilly make it? How about Queen Guttah? Find out on the next episode on Monday at 1:30am and Thursday at 3:30pm. Stay up for our encore presentation on Sunday at 11:30pm – NYC 1:30am, MCM TBD. Stay tuned.


Good News:


This segment highlights the incredible work as always done at The United Way. To us, what is incredible about The United Way is that since its existence in 1887 continues to carry out its mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. In ways through improving education, helping people achieve financial stability and promoting healthy lives. Below is just one example of how you could help yourself and impact the lives of many others, positively:

6 Ways to Support a Cause You Love


Turn your passion for a local fund-raiser, nonprofit organization, or community service project into action. You can support a cause by taking a hands-on approach and working directly with the key advocates behind the cause. Here’s how!


1. Offer to help with the newsletter. Many organizations publish regularly scheduled newsletters to keep their volunteers and supporters abreast of any developments or activities. Use your writing skills to help the group fill these newsletters with interesting, relevant news.


2. Take pictures at events. Help an organization document its public events. These photos are invaluable later, when the organization wants to show what they do via social media, a website, or in the newsletter. But before grabbing your camera, talk to event organizers about confidentiality agreements.


3. Do some grunt work. If your cause has a local office, ask if you can help them tidy up their location so they can keep up a positive appearance. Mowing grass, planting flowers, sweeping floors, and washing windows are a necessity that volunteers can easily tackle with little to no guidance.


4. Speak about the cause. Ask if you can go into the community to advocate the organization’s message. Set up information booths at community fairs or events to spread the message. Be ready to answer basic questions about the cause and pass out informational brochures.


5. Go online. Does the cause near and dear to your heart have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest? If not, offer to create and manage these accounts for the group. This is a great way to reach more potential volunteers and support a cause.


6. Help with events. Every cause has special programming or annual events. Ask the organization if they need help with event promotion, or with setting up and cleaning after the event. Some causes need volunteers to assist during the programming too. Let organizers know you’re willing to take a hands-on approach.

Learn more at


A Word from the Coach

I can hardly believe it, when I first spoke with my coach, we outlined a plan that, I’m not going to lie, sounded impossible. My frothy goals ranged everything from homeschooling to selling a house. If my questions weren’t answered, solutions were found and guess what – all goals either fully met or well on their way! And, I might add, most of them better than I thought possible. My girl is good, Doreen I thank God for you.

Here are some things Doreen has coming up:


R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Success Webinar

6 – Week Webinar Course – Starting January 16, 2013

Learn 7 Bold & Courageous Strategies to Get Focused,

Create a Plan, & Take Action to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

If you feel as if you are stuck in a rut, where time flies by with no real progress toward your goals, then let me show you how to turn things around.

I’d like to invite you to learn my 7 step R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Success Coaching Method for setting and achieving goals by attending my upcoming 6-week webinar series beginning January 16th. I’ll be teaching, in-depth, the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. coaching process that lays the foundation to transform your goals to reality and RADICALLY uplevel your life.

Join me and learn the sure-fire way to get focused, create a plan, and move from where you are now (stuck) to where you want to be (thriving)!

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

• How to honestly and objectively examine your life to figure out what’s holding you back.

• How to set an authentic path to take you from where you are now to where you want to go and who you want to be.

• How to leverage your awareness, skills, and abilities to create positive, lasting change.

• How to identify and eliminate the weaknesses that bind you to lack – lack of achievement, success, and meaning – for good.

• How to break through limiting behaviors so that you wholeheartedly believe in you and your desires.

• How to confidently bounce back from setbacks, disappointments, and challenges so that you quickly get back on track and get focused again.

• How to get off the hamster wheel and move toward real and true results.

• How to step out of your comfort zone in a powerful way and take the risks necessary to realize your ultimate goals and dreams.

RADICAL Events Telecourse

4 Week Telecourse – Starting January 22, 2013

How to Plan & Promote Successful Events

The truth is, no matter how easy it may look on the outside, planning and promoting a successful event takes a clear strategy and a complete understanding of the critical elements necessary to get the results you want.

Every host would probably tell that while things looked like smooth sailing on the outside, there was a focused – and sometimes frantic – effort to pull everything together to get their message out about the event, get the seats filled and deliver amazing content to transform the attendees.

I’ve put together this telecourse so I can share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of planning, promoting and delivering powerful content at live events. It’s in mastering these elements that you’ll achieve the level of success you desire from your live events.

In this telecourse, I’ll be sharing:

• My 3 biggest mistakes in planning my events and how you can avoid them.

• The different event models and which one is best for you.

• 5 key questions you must ask yourself in the planning process.

• How to stand out from the crowd and show your event’s value.

• When, why and how to invite other speakers to participate.

• How to manage expenses and generate revenue.

• 3 reasons a sponsor would say “yes” to your proposal.

• 7 marketing strategies to get people in the room.

• Content creation strategies to transform your attendees.


Enroll in Either Course and Receive a General Registration to the 5th Annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference

Wishing you nothing but love, joy and RADICAL success in the coming year!

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients define success for themselves and then get the guts to go after it. Founder of the RADICAL Success Institute, Doreen works with people who are seeking to excel in their professional and personal life by tapping into their purpose and passion.

A sought after speaker and coach, she is known for her practical, straightforward approach to defining and achieving your goals. She has been featured in USA Today Weekend, ABC News, and Sirius/XM Radio. For information on her coaching programs, live events and upcoming seminars, visit her website.


We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Jamming Happy New Year!


Happy Jamm’in!



Welcome Back!  Happy New Year and all that great stuff, we are very excited to be back, officially kicking-off our SECOND SEASON.  Wow! It’s hard to believe we got through our first year of taping, with a little award too, might I add.  We learned a lot in our first year and the advice we have grown to give up- and -coming FPA producers is to keep doing it!  It may sometimes feel like…why?  But in the end there’s nothing like the reward of accomplishment.  You’ll never know who you may influence in some major way if you don’t keep on achieving.


soultrain (Photo credit: Pants Pants)

To Segway to exactly what I mean take recently deceased, music icon, Don Cornelius.  Where would black entertainment be without the spotlight of Soul Train?  What if he had given up and said, “Nobody’s ever going to sponsor or watch a black television program.”  Even with the bias that was prevalent in television especially in the late 1960s and early 70s, African-American music was not getting its share of the marketplace.  The 80s ushered in MTV and as cool as it was, it still did not feature many African-American artists.  Soul Train was peace and love, a chance to share the stage with singers and dancers alike.  Parlaying music into moveable art, creating the characters we saw ourselves as we celebrated the culture of America.  You may disagree, but the Asian lady with the real long hair always comes to mind.  Of course, you can’t forget the brother who always danced with her but constantly checked out the other ladies who were bussin’ their own moves.  No, there will never be another Soul Train or Don Cornelius but RAM Jam says, let’s let the legend live and borrow what we can from this nostalgic time in a lot of our lives and make it better.  Crediting our own show’s idea platform with Soul Train and MTV, RAM Jam’s purpose to give serious independent artists a cable-produced television show to showcase their music, make their voices heard and opens up opportunities to sell their products and gain more fans.   I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it, I am thankful for Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson and the one and only Don Cornelius, if you take nothing else from the article, always take these words of wisdom “… and you can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey! I’m Don Cornelius, and as always in parting…

we wish you love, peace and soul!”

What’s Happening Now

We have a surprise for you, our Director/Producer RJ has been hosting our Top 20 Countdown from the best, and most requested videos shown in 2011.  Over a three-week period, you will see videos that made the favorites list of some of our most discriminating viewers.  This is in an all-out effort to craft a new, fresh look for the show.  We are considering many wardrobe changes and new look.  Stay tuned for the voting and don’t forget to cast your vote for the show’s new look. Hmmm…

English: Rainy Davis - Soul Train / Don Cornelius

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks for dropping in and see you next week!

Know an artist with their own original music?  Hit us up!  Have a video? Even better! Write us at



Cover of "It's Halloween (Greenwillow Rea...

Cover of It's Halloween (Greenwillow Read-Alone)

This past week the RAM Jam stage played host to Jon-Jon right out of the DMV.  We like to refer to him as “the mellow side of 2-Pac.”  With this clip from his performance, The Birthday Song delivers.  Everything birthday from feeling good to “it’s all about me,” it’s clear that Jon-Jon wants everybody to have a good time Thanks for repp’in yo city Jon-Jon!  Enjoy.

Other Happs

RAM Jam is gearing up for it’s Halloween episode.  Be sure to tune in for our special featuring Gene the Werewolf, Kyoto Candi and more.  Find out who Kendra or Johnna will show up as.  Come and join us in guessing Name That Flick.

Our Artist on the Rise for this week: King Myer.  Check out his channel on Youtube at and look out for him on the show.  My favorite is Come On Home. What’s yours?

Birthday shout-outs to all the October babies, including our own, Miss Angelica who turned 9 this month.  Angelica is known at the studio for helping out with floor directing and even some behind-the-scenes technical stuff , she simply loves it.  Happy Birthday all.

As we gear up for the holidays it’s imperative to observe all things to keep us and our loved ones safe.  Here are some tips worth considering:

– When choosing holiday decorations, safety experts recommend using plug-in or battery-powered lights instead of using a live candle for jack-o-laterns.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges consumers to make safety a factor in holiday decorating. Whether it is careful candle placement or checking the warning label on the holiday lights, simple safety steps can go a long way in preventing fires and injuries this year.  For more tips check out their website at or shares year-round safety tips to make sure your holiday is fun and many positive memories to come.

– suggest the best time to take children trick-or-treating is before 9pm.  Some other tips to consider:

  •          Have each child carry or wear something lit;
  •          Feed your kids a healthy meal prior to going trick or treat;
  •          Pick up objects in the yard, sidewalk, or driveway that could create safety issues

–  The NTSB and are a wealth of information on travel safety whether you’re taking a road trip or need the latest airport delays and cancellations.  In addition consider traveling during daylight hours, get plenty of rest before your trip and if you are driving pack your gadgets, batteries and other goods in case of emergencies.

– Prevent food-borne illnesses and food contamination by handling food with care, storing food as quickly as possible and assuring food is not undercooked.  For great holiday restaurant and recipe ideas check out my fav food blog Johnna Knows Good Food at

– Celebrate responsibly. Designate a driver, don’t drink and drive.  If you find you’ve had a little too much and you’re on your own,  check with your local taxi company they will usually have a program that will supply rides to get you home safely.

RAM Jam is everything music and fashion so here we forget the old adage: never buy women shoes, they will walk out on you or never buy a man a watch, he won’t have time for you.  In fact, women love shoes!  Especially if they’re a gift from the man in her life.  To me, nothing says fashion like a man who can pair up a woman who can translate her walk, her swag and her booty with style – very classy.  From a boot to a stiletto, the man usually knows.

For the fellas, when choosing the right watch no enduring classic will ever rest on plastic. Cheap  isn’t really about the price you’re paying — it’s about the aesthetics you get in return.  Every man should wear his watch on a steel or leather band.  Read more:

That’s a wrap for now.  Thanks for visiting our blog and thank you again to Jon-Jon for coming out and doing an awesome job.  Until next time…

Happy Jammin

Kendra J

Next week: Green Screen

We love our artists.  Unsigned, independent, on the brink of getting signed or nowhere in the near future.  Just your passion and dedication to music or more importantly, your music is enough for us to open our doors to provide a little of that lights, camera, action we as performers are driven to and so desire.  However regardless of your hopeful bright future, or not, there are a few things that artists must do when entering into our studio: First – There Will Be No Food or Drinks – Even Water inside the studio, period.  You are more than welcomed to enjoy your consumables in the galley, the green room and even in the dressing room.  In the studio, we do ask that you refrain from eating and drinking. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will be asked to promptly remove the item, if the offense continues you will be asked to leave the studio entirely, shoot or not.

Second, Realize the Quality.  Working with a recognized Top Producer means that there is no shortage of materials that he can produce, however being passionate about bringing what you have to the stage and giving you the opportunity to possibly be viewed by a growing viewership of over 1 million through public access television is a win/win situation for all.  We believe that your art deserves a stage at the most reasonably priced venue there is to offer, directly into people’s living rooms!  That being said we ask a few things:

Consideration. We ask that you be considerate of other people’s time and voice your concerns through the proper channels in a mature, professional manner.  Running late is never an issue, we do ask that you let us know.  The best way to get through any shoot is in harmony and open communication.

Let us know.  If you’ve had a good or bad experience with RAM Jam. Didn’t like the way your taping turned out? What did you like about it? What would you do differently? Let us know.

Pack your patience.  Sometimes before a shoot getting the audio just right or the lighting perfect can be a trying experience but with cooperation and a positive attitude, we can get through that too.  Making everybody pretty is the ugly side of show business.

Third, We Welcome Your Feedback. We want your experience at RAM Jam to be one  filled with positive memories and many returns, so if we’ve screwed up in any way, give us a chance to make it right, if not – hey, it’s free.

Well, thank you for visiting our blog and considering these few, simple tips when coming into our studio.  We are here for you, it’s up to all of us to make it a success.

Happy Jamming,

Kendra J

Edited by: Larry Richards