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The Ram Jam TV Show has been away for a little while. I have been dealing with a family emergency for a few months that resulted in my being taken away from my proper duties. Let’s start this blog off with a great band I had the pleasure of inviting in the studio, The Slade Rhythm Band. Led by Boo Jones and consisting of some incredible musicians such as singer/ sax player Jazzy Steve, Guitarist Willie C, Percussionist Mark Pratt,  Base player Larry Carter, Drummer Terry Page and Female vocalist Yonni Soul. The Slade Rhythm Band are a newly formed band from the DMV bringing their brand of GO- GO music to a welcoming audience, belting out covers and original songs that keep the audience grooving throughout their set. It was great having them in the studio and even the film crew managed the get their boogie on while the played.


slade rhytm

I know things have been tough since the Zimmerman trial and I must say I am at a loss for words other than my prayers go out to the Martin family, no parent should have to bury their children and say goodbye too soon.TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1

I just want to say I for one will be glad when things like this will end in our society, when the violence and stereotypes will no longer be an issue so we can stay focused on the things that really matter in life which is to live in harmony and peace.

I love all my Ram Jam fans out there and pray for each and every one of you to be kept safe and blessed.

Until then Keep your heads up and reach for the stars.

Happy Jamming!!

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Audio: Eye on the Artist

Feature: Athel Chicago, IL

Genre: Rock


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 Video: Featured Artist

J 40 Media Group

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Genre: Every Random Act

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Normally I would never take this opportunity to promote any other business other than an artist, but this is important for you to know.

Why is it so important?

It’s important because we as a business recognize the need to change the way music handles business. We’ve emphasized before how the industry has changed the way it discovers artists. Today you need to be armed with a proven track record of your marketability (to get fans and sales). We at J 40 thanks to the RAM Jam TV Show are in the unique position to provide an advantage to serious artists who are willing to put in the work to do just that. While still young we realized early on by talking to artists and their managers that the most important thing is exposure and more than just a web-based presence but in mainstream as well. That coupled with a lack of promoting themselves as a business. To achieve a complete package, one must have a web presence, videos and promotional. With a little elbow grease and investment your chances of becoming the next great sensation are closer than you think or at least to run your business on your own terms.

Why J 40 Media Group?

Like I’ve mentioned before J 40 is in the unique position because it offer a platform for “one-stop shopping.” We don’t claim to be able to suite all needs, but we are the best step in the right direction.

Find out more at a sneak peek of our website at It’s not all done yet, but we are so excited to bring you this offering I just couldn’t wait. Be sure to check back on Friday for the official launch. Happy jamm’in with ‘cha!


To bring you back the awesome music you’re accustomed to getting when you log on to our blog. We’ve had some exciting acts grace our studio that I just cannot wait to air. One Day to Escape is a boy group headed in the right direction. Infinite Hill is the coolest band yet and Maggie, I can’t wait to tell you about Maggie.


It’s everywhere! Got a story you’d like to share? Hit us up, we want to hear about it.

In closing: A Word from the Coach

RADICAL Thought for the Day: Maximize this opportunity called life. ~ Doreen Rainey

“RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL – by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at”

© 2012 Doreen Rainey

Until next time,

Happy Jamming!

It gives me great pleasure to write about this next post – hosts!  This past weekend we decided to try something new and fresh, we added kids to our platform.  These weren’t just ordinary kids, these were incredible kids, not only do they perform well in school, they are enthusiastic, motivated, happy and willing volunteers.  There’s nothing we love more than to expose children to the behind-the-scenes view of TV and radio production.

Mark Schulze, Videographer and Director of Pho...

Mark Schulze, Videographer and Director of Photography, Crystal Pyramid Productions, Videotapes Juan Vargas for a Political Television Commercial in San Diego. Photograph by Patty Mooney, San Diego, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This leads me to remembering and expressing gratitude to our host who has been with us from the beginning and we have had a stellar year with.  Ms. Johnna Rowe.   Richard met Johnna at the station when we first embarked on this journey through the wonderful world of television production.  Right from the start she was talented and pretty and passed our strenuous test which requires you to be a member of a public access station (that’s all really).  But seriously, Johnna was a gracious host, who would freely offer tips and advice to nerved-up guests, join the festivities or would eloquently deliver an episode on time.  We had a lot of fun working with Johnna on several projects, most of the time we nailed it, other times it was better to forgive and forget.  So a big THANK YOU to Johnna Rowe who was there through our trial and error and has always encouraged and never looked at us like we were out of our minds.

Johnna is a premiere food blogger here in the DMV, you can catch her at Johnna Knows Good Food and her television specials by the same name.  Keep up the tasty work Johnna!


April is Autism Awareness Month be on the lookout for our special all month long, interview with Sharon Rubin creator of Lollipop Listening Therapy and mother whose daughter is fully recovered from ASD.  RAM Jam TV Show lights it up blue!

April is also organ donation month; we will be featuring a new PSA from Laila Ali promoting kidney health.  Watch for it!

RAM Jam is excited to feature new artists and videos.  Be on the lookout for Pfeva, hard core Rock and Hip-Hop combined – this music is addictive!  Superstar Inna out of Romania has new videos that turn up the heat on this already hot artist and finally Luu-Breeze who should be making it state-side soon is holding his own with his new video Holla-Luuie.  Holla at us Luuie when you land!

"Your flatscreens greatest dancemix" 

Y’all stay tuned as RAM Jam turns it up a notch with brand new opportunities coming your way.  Remember if you or you know of an artist with original music and you feel that they are good enough to be featured on our show, let us know.  Send us an email at

Until next time,

Happy Jamm’in!

Inna at Sopot International Song Festival, Pol...

Inna at Sopot International Song Festival, Poland (8 August 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)