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What’s up my Ram Jammers! This is your boy RJ coming from the mighty DMV and man what a week it has been. Yea I know, I know, I’ve been away for a small bit but I have a good reason. Last week I kicked it with the owner/CEO of Purcell Records Purcell Veney out in the MD. Let me say this, when you hear of a party being thrown by Purcell Records you best to show up! Purcell brought one of the greatest Go-Go band in the DMV to come Jam, Slade Rhythm. Slade Rhythm  came in and did their thing (that is before the PG county Po-Po’s came and busted up the party). No worries cause I got what I needed, good food and great music. Afterwards I had the best time with my family as we just relaxed and watched The Hobbit, by the way I love that film. Slade Rhythm was so good I invited them to come on The Ram Jam TV Show and do their thang’ on live TV. As I gear up for their debut I want to give a shout out to J-Rob at WGIV in Charlotte, North Carolina. We interviewed  J-Rob and it was AWSOME!  J-Rob is full energy and a real pro then he flipped the script and interviewed Kendra and I, now I can tell you I see what our guest go through when they are put on the spot. At the same show we met more artist, grooved to more tunes and ate more than I should have but oh well.  I hope by this time next week The Ram Jam TV Show  will be shakin’ the scene in the ATL and giving you Georgia viewers a taste of the DMV. Remember, if you are an artist with your own music then I think you should not waste another second and holla at me at and get put on,ten million viewers are waiting for YOU! Until next week, keep jamming!!


toddler gets first-ever stem cell windpipe

Story by Good News Network and Today. Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 1/2 years old, Hannah Warren has never played outside — or been able to breathe, talk, eat or drink on her own.

She was born without a windpipe, a rare congenital condition that kept her hospitalized for her entire life in a neonatal intensive care unit, where a tube from her mouth to her lung kept her alive.

But that all changed earlier this month, when Hannah became the first child in the world to receive a bio-artificial trachea made from stem cells from her own bone marrow in a pioneering operation at Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Great news Hanna, The Ram Jam TV Show supports you.

                                Next week features

Slade Rythm

                                         Jigz Crillz


  1. William Coates says:

    I’m the lead guitarist for Slade rythm.I really liked the way were treated at your studio.Much success in all your ventures. Big thanks
    Willie C

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