RAM Jam stands for Random Acts of Music.  We are a television show based in Fairfax, Virginia.  We feature talent who are not signed to a contract in the recording industry.  The music we feature is random, though not completely.  All genres are considered but only the most up-to-date and relevant forms are chosen.  These are then featured on our television show as videos (if available), live performances and interviews.  The platform is public access and the show is aired three days a week on two networks and growing.

RAM Jam’s creators were inspired by the many unrecognized artists who enjoy making good music while on their own journey in pursuit of that illustrious rap career.  “With all of the money and resources being spent on original recordings, videos, venues and marketing, this gives potential talent an outlet so that those precious resources don’t go to waste.” says founder, producer, director Richard Jackson.  “The efficient use of the Internet provides a worldwide platform for artists to be heard, we broaden that audience through free television.”   

The goal of this blog is to inform artists and audiences on everything RAM Jam.  From upcoming events, artists on the rise, providing support and networking opportunities to features and answers.  We are mainly interested in artists that we’ve featured on the show, their latest music, new artists, fans who want to find out more on a particular artist, positive news information and answers to our game show quiz (featured on the show).  This is a behind-the-scenes peek from a producer/director perspective.  We welcome musicians of all genres, fans, music industry professionals, film buffs and charitable organizations.

Thank you for visiting our blog and contact us with any questions at j40mediagroup@gmail.com.

And as always…

Happy Jamming!


Show times and networks: Cox Ch. 10 and wherever FIOS is available.  Sunday 11:30pm, Monday 1:30am, Thursday 3:30pm.  Manhattan Neighborhood Network Ch. 4  in New York City.


  1. Hey guys I wanted to show you a band I represent whose lead singer actually hails from Fairfax Virginia Area….Let me know what you guys think……Love the blog!

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